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The Savitri Devi Archive is a repository for writings and documents related to the philosopher and religious thinker Savitri Devi, born Maximine Portaz (1905-1982). The Archive will eventually make all of Savitri Devi's writings available. In addition, the Archive contains information and documents on Savitri Devi's life, as well as works of secondary and collateral literature that illuminate her life and work.

Savitri Devi’s works are very rare. Most of her books were printed in tiny editions and are long out of print. Many are not in the collections of even the largest research libraries. Most of her essays appeared in small circulation Indian and Right wing periodicals that are unavailable in even the largest research libraries.

First hand recollections of Savitri Devi, as well as private documents such as letters and photographs, are also increasingly rare, since most of Savitri’s close friends are now dead and the rest are getting on in years. Only a few years ago, when Savitri’s long-time friend Muriel Gantry died, her executor destroyed decades of correspondence between her and Savitri because she found Savitri’s ideas “objectionable.”

The Savitri Devi Archive hopes to prevent such irresponsible destruction in the future if only by declaring publicly its mission to collect and preserve documents and information related to Savitri Devi.

REQUEST FOR INFORMATION: The Savitri Devi Archive would be grateful to hear from anyone who has information about Savitri Devi: recollections of her that they would be willing to share in written or recorded form, letters from her that they would be willing to photocopy, drawings and paintings by Savitri or photographs of her they would be willing to have scanned, and copies of her writings that are not yet in the Archive. (Please consult our Wish List.) The Archive will pay all expenses associated with collecting information and documents.

CONFIDENTIALITY: Savitri Devi is a controversial figure. Many of her living friends, as well as heirs of deceased friends, have given information and documents to the Archive only on the condition that their privacy be maintained. We will preserve the anonymity of those sources who request it. All documents that appear here do so with the permission of the relevant parties.

PUBLICATION: The Savitri Devi Archive will also publish new works on Savitri Devi. Please direct submissions and proposals to the Archivist.

TRANSLATION: The Savitri Devi Archive wishes to make Savitri Devi's writings available in as many languages as possible. Qualified translators who wish to aid our work should contact the Archivist.

MAILING LIST: If you wish to be informed of new additions to the Archive, please join our Mailing List. The Archive will not share its mailing list with anyone.

LETTERS: Mail from readers is welcome. But please bear in mind that the purpose of this archive is research, not propaganda. All worthwhile Letters will be posted along with answers, if any. Please specify whether or not you wish to disclose your name and e-mail address.

DONATIONS: Creating and maintaining this site is a labor of love, but our web hosting service demands money. If you value Savitri’s work and ours, please consider making a Donation to help cover the costs of maintaining and augmenting this Archive.

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“Si j’avais à me choisir une devise, je prendrais celle-ci ‘Pure, dure, sûre’ — en d’autres termes: inaltérable. J’exprimerais par là l’idéal des Forts, de ceux que rien n’abat, que rien ne corrompt, que rien ne fait changer; de ceux sur qui on peut compter, parce que leur vie est ordre et fidélité, à l’unisson avec l’éternel.”

— Savitri Devi, Souvenirs et réflexions d’une Aryenne

“If I had to choose a motto for myself, I would take this one — pure, dure, sûre, [Pure, hard, certain] — in other words: unalterable. I would express by this the ideal of the Strong, that which nothing brings down, nothing corrupts, nothing changes; those on whom one can count, because their life is order and fidelity, in accord with the eternal.”

— Savitri Devi, Memories and Reflections of an Aryan Woman
(Trans. R.G. Fowler)