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Savitri Devi’s Correspondence with George Lincoln Rockwell

Part 3

Edited by R.G. Fowler

Here is the third installment of selected correspondence between Savitri Devi and George Lincoln Rockwell (1918-1967).

We wish to thank Matt Koehl of the NEW ORDER for preserving these letters, photocopying them for the Archive, and giving us permission to publish them.

—R. G. Fowler

12 July 1965

Dear Commander Rockwell,

You must be wondering why I have not yet replied to your letter to me (concerning the split among our English comrades) and especially to your kind attention to me on the occasion of the Great Anniversary. I have received all that which you sent me, and was especially touched on getting the beautiful picture of our Führer Adolf Hitler—perhaps less because of the beauty of this picture and of the fact that it is “His,” than because of the deeper signification of your gesture: a former fighter against National Socialist Germany, with outstanding war records, has become, within two decades after the Disaster, the dynamic Leader of resurgent National Socialism, the Head of the World Union of National Socialists, of world-wide fame, and sends a picture of Him Whom he now recognizes as the Savior of our common Aryan race, to an obscure but sincere old devotee of that same one Führer—a devotee who has been so all her life, and who has had for the USA, in 1945 and afterwards (till she met the dynamic Leader in 1962) the feelings you can well imagine. It is the symbolism in the gesture that moved me so deeply. Could I ever have held that to be possible on the boat that brought me back from India to ruined Europe in November 1945, or in the horrible months of utter despair, bitterness, and hatred that followed? And yet . . . That gesture of yours is a miracle of Adolf Hitler’s everlasting spirit. You are a miracle of Adolf Hitler’s everlasting spirit—a victory won from the midst of the ashes of Dresden and all the towns of “His” Great Reich.

I wish you do conquer the USA to our ideals, with the help of the best elements of the soil, and strengthen them and organize them as a model National Socialist State, able to speak to whose who have kept us down so long in Europe and are still denying us any sort of freedom of expression: “Out with you . . . or else!” How they would run before the eternal Swastika banner, backed by all the might of those who once intervened to tear it down, but who then—after understanding, as you have, that “Hitler was right”—shall stand up for it!

I still deplore the split in England but am afraid I can do nothing to influence the minds of any of our comrades to reconsider their decision after you—the Head of the WUNS—have spoken: I was, for the second time refused the permission of landing in the United Kingdom on 27 December 1964. Although I had purposely had no contract whatsoever with our comrades during the short stay I managed to secure there some months before. I especially wanted to come back on account of personal affairs I have there: consultation of libraries and people, in connection with a book I am writing (in French, this time) [Tyrtée l’AthenienTyrtaios the Athenian]—a story of seventh century BC Greece, naturally “in our spirit”; but it has to be rigorously accurate, and I wanted to consult certain of my acquaintances for that; also, my difficulties with the publication of a book in English [Long-Whiskers]—that has been three years—three whole years!—in the hands of the publisher. This is also in our spirit—and very much so indeed!—although it is no “propaganda” but just a true story, mostly concerning animals. The book is printed—but, I believe, for the contents page and one or two others (list of illustrations). I have no news of what is going on with it. Nobody in England seems willing (or able) to do anything for me in that connection, and I cannot go. It is the last time I ever have anything printed without being myself on the spot. (My German book [Hart wie Kruppstahl] will have to wait. It was finished two years ago already.)

Moreover, I have all through this year 1964-65 been appointed to work as a “help-teacher.” I cannot get a fixed job, first because I am not French, second because I am too old. I shall be a help-teacher till I become 65—in 1970—and have no pension afterwards. But that is another question. I have been appointed, I say, to work in a college far away from the place (Montbrison) where I actually live. (I only come to Lyons now and then for my letters.) It means getting up at 4:15 a.m., and journeying two hours to go and another two hours (with changing trams or buses three times) to come back. I had hardly time to do any writing—whether on my book (Tyrtée l’AthenienTyrtaios the Athenian) or writing letters—for months. Now—thank goodness—exams are over, and I am at last on a holiday. That is why I can write this long letter to you. I only hope I shall next year not be appointed in a place so far away from where I live.

And now, let me come to a few reflections and questions, which I have wished to lay down on paper for a long, long time. I received, with thanks, all the literature you sent me: the Rockwell Report and other papers. I note with satisfaction that you put in your name as a candidate to the post of Governor of Virginia. Needless to say I wish you every success—and hope this will only be a first step on your way to the Leadership of the USA as a whole.

There is, however, one thing that thoroughly disturbs me—I should even say distresses me—in your literature: it is the insistence on the expression “Christian White people.” I should like to examine these two words, and begin with the second—the less “disturbing.”

If I were a Jewess, or a servant of the Jews, I should use this express against our National Socialist cause saying: “How foolish of those Nazis to call themselves champions of ‘White’ mankind when they continually attack us Jews (or the Jews)! Aren’t Jews also White—like in fact all Semites? Doesn’t everybody know that the Semitic race, just as the Aryan, and the pre-Aryan Mediterranean (to whom the Minoans belonged) and so many others, are all subdivisions of White mankind, as opposed to yellow or black (Negroid)?”

In fact, I believe the Jews have played on this fact that they are “White” in half-racialist South Africa, in which they own all the big business. If I remember well, Mr. Brown, the Editor of the South African Observer, answering a question of mine as to whether a person craving as I do for the possibility of absolutely free expression of her National Socialist faith would find it profitable to live in South Africa, wrote to me saying he or she would not. For there too although one may be an out-and-out segregationist as far as Negroes are concerned, one should not be openly anti-Jewish.

Why don’t you write about the Aryan race instead of the “White,” which is a most vague term? Of course there are “black” Jews—people of Negro stock, or just South Indian untouchables (sons of Aborigines, by race) like the “black” Jews of Cochin (South India) who have or whose forefathers have embraced Judaism as a religion, and who are fanatically devoted to the Jewish cause. But the real Jews—the Jews by blood, whatever be their attachment to their religion—don’t marry them—that was told to me in many places, among others in Cochin, by a “black Jew” himself, who was a tourists’ guide.

The other word that shocks me in all this literature is the word “Christian.” Logically, it is impossible to be at the same time a racialist and a Christian. And although not all racialists are National Socialists, all National Socialists are necessarily racialists. An Aryan racialist who acknowledges Adolf Hitler as his Master and Leader, is a National Socialist, at least in the sense I give the words. The Black Muslims of the USA are racialists—you know that better than anyone!—and might even be our allies (being as much as ourselves for segregation), but they cannot be Adolf Hitler’s followers.

Christianity is essentially a creed aiming at the salvation of the individual soul in a hypothetical “next world,” and despising the body—and therefore race. Christian race-mixers are perfectly in harmony with the spirit of their teaching: if the “soul” is the only thing that counts, what does it really matter whether a man is black, white, or chocolate colored, whether he is pure-blooded or a bastard? He will be “saved” just the same. (“I want to go to heaven when I die” says the “Negro Spiritual” I once heard.) In fact, what does it matter if a man be an idiot? Only the soul matters, and according to those great lovers of the two-legged mammal that the Christians are, idiots are “human beings”!!!

That is one of the things that first disgusted me with Christianity some fifty-five years back: that belief that a human idiot is “worth more” than the most splendid Alsatian dog, the most perfect specimen of a cat, a horse, or any animal—even the aristocrats of the jungle: lions and tigers and leopards, my darlings!—just because he is human, and is supposed to have an immortal soul, while they are not! (I am glad that this nonsense is Jewish, thoroughly Jewish, and never entered an Indo-European, i.e., Aryan mind save after our forefathers had become spiritually the slaves of the Yids.)

I fought Christianity all my life with tooth and claw—speaking against it in private and in public, writing against it. My first book in English—1938—is called A Warning to the Hindus and is dedicated to the memory of Emperor Julian who tried in vain to restore the old Greek religion during his too short reign (360-363 AD). I fought it, robbing it of its tropical customers by the thousand, during the fourteen years I used to lecture in India on behalf of the Hindu Mission—an organization aiming at recovering Hinduism—Heathen tradition, similar (but for the tropical setting) to that one we had here in European before the Yids became the spiritual masters of our forefathers.

In those lectures I used to tell the Hindus how similar in spirit is their real tradition—not of nonviolence, but of “detached violence”—to ours, how similar their ideal of segregation of races through the caste system and our National Socialist outlook, and how we too look upon “mixture of blood as the deadly sin.” I used to quote Mein Kampf to them as well as their own Scriptures.

And the result was, among all those whom I had convinced—and they were many—wholehearted siding with National Socialist Germany, when the war broke out. My dream—as I told you in August 1962—in August ’73 [i.e., 73 YF, Year of the Führer]—was a “Pan-Aryan League” including members of the Aryan castes of India and acknowledging Adolf Hitler—“the Western incarnation of the everlasting Life-sustaining Power” whom the Hindus call Vishnu—as its sole Leader. I wanted to come to Europe one day, and stand before Him, and tell Him: “Mein Führer, ich habe Ihnen Idien gegeben!”—I have given you India.

Had Roosevelt’s USA not poured arms and ammunition by thousands of tons, and money by millions of dollars, into Russia, after the Führer’s declaration of war on her on 22 June 1941, we would have won the war, and my dream—who knows?—might have become reality.

The war was fought in the name of Christianity—and rightly so!—by the anti-Nazi forces (Eisenhower’s “Crusade” to Europe!). Rightly so, I say, for Christianity is Jewish. Maybe the Jews crucified Jesus—of whom nobody knows exactly who he was, racially (nor exactly what he said, for he left no writings). But the real founder of the new faith is Paul of Tarsus, called Saint Paul by the Christians, the one whose genius consisted (these are Nietzsche’s words, not mine) in “giving a new meaning to age old mysteries,” and in interpreting the death of Christ as a “sacrifice” for men’s sins, and in thus linking the new creed to a long tradition of his own people. That man, everyone knows, was a typical ghetto Jew—well-versed in Greek and Latin, having taken a Latin name (Paulus) instead of his Jewish one (Saul), thoroughly knowing the “Goyim,” the non-Jews and the way to handle them, after nearly four centuries of contact between Greek thought and Jewish thought in international Alexandria had prepared the ground for the appearance of a grand new recipe for their moral and spiritual enslavement.

It is he who proclaimed before the Athenians (Acts of the Apostles, chapter 17, verse 20) that “God”—the Jewish God, of course—“hath made every people, every nation out of one blood”; in one word, he who presented the world with the typically Jewish product for Aryan consumption—Christianity—the religion of the brotherhood of “all men,” and of the separation of “man” from all other living beings, in the selfsame spirit as that of the Jewish Kabbala: “God—the uncreated who createth; man, the created who createth; and the rest—the creatures who create not.” Jewish lies! As though the inventive capacity of certain animals did not by far surpass that of millions of “men” of the really inferior races, and of idiots of all races!

I believe nobody has hated Christianity as much as I, not even Emperor Julian himself, save, perhaps, my German comrade and superior, Herr B [Blume] of whom I speak in Pilgrimage. This two thousand year old superstition is the deeper cause of all the decay of our race—of its moral as well as physical decay; first of all of the race-mixing that took place in all Christian colonies (the main concern was that the mongrels be christened!!). Remember the words put into the mouth of the Christian lady, a planter’s wife, to her son, in Uncle Tom’s Cabin, while showing him the splendor of the starry night: “all this”—the Cosmos in all its glory—the physical infinite!—“is not worth the soul of the least of our Negro slaves!”

She was right—from the point of view of Christianity. And I am right, as a National Socialist, to hate the blasted Jewish recipe for the emasculation of all non-Jewish races. True, the recipe no longer works as well as it did once. Therefore, the Jews invented Communism. But NEVER could Communism have spread in a world that had not previously been Christianized: it is the same sickening doctrine based upon the so-called “dignity” of all two-legged mammals—“because they have immortals souls,” say the Christians; “because they have reason,” say the Commies (after the fellows of the French Revolution). It’s all the same: “man”—and his silly little “happiness” whether in the next world or in this—looked upon as the central things—instead of being considered, as Nietzsche considers him, merely as “a state to be overcome”; a passage between animalhood and superman, i.e., manhood without weakness (the SS ideal).

Forgive me, dear Commander, for my outspokenness. But it is a long time since I have wanted to tell you the real impression I have of this “White Christian” propaganda. It sounds so foreign to me, who, as I say, have fought Christianity all my life precisely because I was so conscious that it is Jewish, and that I, as a racialist, could not but fight it.

More than that: I had, in my early youth, tried to cling to the Church (The Greek Orthodox Church) out of nationalism—because I had been told over and over again that this Church had kept the Greeks together during the 400 years of Turkish rule; that the Church led the War of Independence in 1821, etc., etc. In April 1929, I joined a group of Greek pilgrims going to spend forty days in Palestine. It is the atmosphere of Palestine, the direct feeling of the Semitic Near East, and especially of the Jews in their traditional surroundings—I saw a few; heard them wailing at the Wailing Wall—that forced me to broaden my former Greek nationalism into an ardent Pan-Aryanism, and to see in the German Führer fighting for the unity of his torn country more than a “sympathetic foreign patriot”—to see in Him “My Führer”—the Leader of the Aryan race out of the spiritual as well as economic and cultural bondage of the Jews.

How can I accept that word “Christian”? But of course the literature is for the average American, not for me—who doesn’t need to be “converted” to National Socialism. Perhaps it is a practical necessity in the USA to call one’s self a “Christian”? In that case I have nothing to say. Not even in the name of Logic—the success of the cause—getting in power—passes before every sort of logic, I am the first to admit. And has not the man who has the most efficiently fought the Führer’s battle—Dr. Goebbels—and has not our Führer Himself—said that “propaganda, in order to be efficient, must remain upon the lowest intellectual level of those to whom it is addressed”?

I suppose the average American workman, who had no time (and no inclination) to study the history of Christianity (and of Judeo-Greek thought in Alexandria before and in the time of Philo the Jew) or to consider logical incompatibilities of principles, is not shocked as I am at the idea of one calling one’s self at the same time a National Socialist and a Christian. Many Germans were not shocked at that idea in the great days!

Point 24 of the Twenty-Five Points—that deals with the matter—is a masterpiece of diplomacy: “The Party stands by ‘practical Christianity’”—i.e., social help to one’s fellows—but “condemns any religion, any doctrine whose principles are dangerous to the State or repellent to the moral sense of the Germanic Race.”

It is not said—of course; not in 1920, or else there would have been no NS Movement—it is not said, but . . . what is more “dangerous to the State” and more “repellent to the moral sense of the Germanic race” than a doctrine of Jewish origin that preaches that alone the “soul” matters, and therefore that there can be no objection to the marriage of a Negro—or a Jew (when christened)—to an Aryan girl?

With all my admiration, for the progress of National Socialism in the USA, due to your personality, and with our everlasting salutation,

Heil Hitler!
Yours sincerely,
Savitri Devi Mukherji

18 July 1965

Dear Savitri

Thank you for your inspiring letter of July 12.

You simply must try to understand the almost unbelievable difficulties I face in working here with Americans. Perhaps many Europeans are evil and vicious “Democrats” and even “Communists.” Unfortunately, most of my fellow Americans do not have the honor to be even such ideological criminals—they are just plain ignorant and often unbelievably dumb.

Europeans simply have no comprehension of the political ignorance of the majority of Americans. It is also true what you write about various religious matters. (For obvious reasons I cannot commit to writing, all the various things involved here.)

But surely you recognize that Hitler was very careful not to offend in this direction in Mein Kampf or anywhere else in public, and I must be ten times more careful here in America.

As you yourself write, nothing is of any use unless we WIN POWER! I am dedicating my life and everything of comfort and pleasure in the world to that one end, and do not hesitate to adapt propaganda to the task at hand. Surely you will, understand that I am running for Governor here and prospects look excellent.

Can you imagine the uproar all over the world if a Nazi is elected Governor of Virginia? What a blow to the enemy and what a huge burst of energy it will bring to our side!

I hope you will write more often as I am very grateful to receive your inspiring letters!

Heil Hitler!
Lincoln Rockwell