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Savitri Devi’s Correspondence with George Lincoln Rockwell

Part 2

Edited by R.G. Fowler

Here is the second installment of selected correspondence between Savitri Devi and George Lincoln Rockwell (1918-1967).

We wish to thank Matt Koehl of the NEW ORDER for preserving these letters, photocopying them for the Archive, and giving us permission to publish them.

—R. G. Fowler

14 December 1960

Dear Mr. Rockwell,

Your address had been given to me in September last by a Swedish friend, Mr. Walter Grün, who had written and told me you would be interested in some of my books.

In consequence, I requested a friend of mine, who lives in London [Muriel Gantry], to send you The Lightning and the Sun, Pilgrimage, and any others she might yet have. And I sent you myself from here the same two which I just mentioned, and, later on, Gold in the Furnace and Impeachment of Man (the Foreword of which I thought might interest you, even if the rest does not). I was intending also to send you Defiance. But I am wondering if you received the parcels I just mentioned, as I have not had a word from you telling me you have.

May I know whether those books all reached you? And, if they did, whether you had time to give them a glance, and whether you think you would like to have Defiance also?

If you had time to read them, may I know your frank and sincere impression of them? I was told by our comrade Grün that you have our ideas. But there are shades of opinion even among us, and I know some people, who, though professing to be on our side, are shocked by the “extreme” nature of my views. When I do not get an answer after sending books to someone, I always fear the person has been shocked, and does not wish to write to me.

But I would be glad to have a word from you even if this be the case.

With my best regards—and best wishes for the Yuletide and the New Year—I remain, with the best of salutations

Yours most sincerely,
Savitri Devi Mukherji

If they happen to interest you, could you possibly sell a few of my books in the USA?

23 December 1960

Mrs. M[ukherji]:

Since my secretary typed this all out from dictation over two weeks ago, it has lain, like its predecessors, in my attaché case, awaiting “special treatment” which I never got around to doing. In the meantime, your SECOND letter arrived—and I am determined to get you a decent reply this A.M. if it means letting the Jews go entirely unpunished.

I have begun to win victory after victory in the Courts, lately, the most recent being court orders against the U.S. Army for trying to heave out my men without hearings, and acquittal on charges against myself. I have attacked the bastards in the courts with maximum vigor, and it is beginning to pay off. But the drain on my time and energy and will is terrific, and I have TEN major cases going in the courts now—and me not a lawyer!

You ask in your latest letter if I will sell your books! OF COURSE!–And PROUDLY!—they are great books which will one day be revered like our present Kike Bible, when our Jew-hypnotized people are once again proud and knowledgeable of their Nordic culture and concepts, and do not need to or want to lean on the nasty mutterings of a bunch of old Jews.

What should we ask for them? How much will they cost us? How about postage? Should we simply recommend them and give your address, or do you want us to handle orders—or books? What quantities are available? I think we can arrange a pretty good sale for you.

I am enclosing our latest printed item. It is far from a masterpiece, and was produced, as usual, in a white heat of inspiration and necessity. It also is printed in sorry shape—but it is a desperate plea to ALL Nordics and White Men to UNITE under the sacred banner—and I think it will have good results.

I think you, of all persons I know on earth, will appreciate the thinking and the sentiments therein. Let me know what you think—and also if you can place it [text breaks off]

The situation here in America is much as described by Party Comrade Grün. Having traveled considerably throughout the world and discovered that, relative to Europeans, Americans are comparatively uneducated, uncultured, and unthinking. In addition our people here, like the German people before them, are cursed with an overweening objectivity and lack of emotional maturity so that they are born suckers for the immensely powerful yet brilliantly subtle Jewish propaganda which floods our country 24 hours a day year after year.

Americans have been taught that it is an especially despicable thing to be proud of anything except their “equality” with cannibals and immoral Jews.

Many educated and perceptive individuals who know the world situation and understand National Socialism tend to despair of ever salvaging these millions of brainwashed suicidal Aryans, and, in fact, roundly hate them and wish only to see them suffer. Among people in the movement here one constantly hears the phrases “They’re not worth saving,” “To hell with the slobs,” etc. But I remind myself regularly of the Master’s words, “Only a fool, knowing the nature of the poisoners and seducers, could hate the victims.” The masses have ever been incapable of defending themselves from demagogues, as a blind man is incapable of avoiding falling into pits. In my own thinking it is immoral and cowardly for the shepherd to curse the wandering sheep. It is our job to herd them and protect them for their own benefit even despite their Ignorance and venomous attacks upon us.

I hope to include herein a booklet which we are going to try to print this afternoon. It will explain more of my thinking on these matters.

When I began our struggle here, it was only a hope but now I have demonstrated on a relatively small local scale the feminine thinking of the masses (in which I include the phony intellectuals). In our local area where I have had a chance to maintain a steady propaganda on a considerable number of people I have succeeded in winning over the majority, even though fear still keeps them publicly damning me for their own economic and social welfare.

What I have been able to do on a local scale can obviously be done on a much larger scale nationally and internationally. This is what we are now doing.

The struggle of the times in which we live is not even the ideological fight we sometimes imagine. It is a gigantic historical battle for the survival of the elite race which built western civilization against the diabolical plan of the Jew to overwhelm the tiny but precious elite minority with the swarming and teeming masses of the earth, slobs and inferiors.

I dearly wish that Hitler had not so strongly emphasized Germany at the expense of the rest of humanity. It would have been immensely easier for National Socialism to have prevailed had it been from the very outset an international white man’s movement instead of a chauvinistic “foreign” German movement. By [National Socialism] being so heavily Germanized, the Jews have been able to make the very basic ideology of White men wherever they are into something German and therefore suspect in the two-bit minds of our white brothers in all countries other than Germany.

I see my task as the complete internationalizing and universalizing of National Socialism, with the word national, therein, being given the sole meaning of race—and having nothing whatever to do with imaginary lines drawn around groups of white men of waving different bits of cloth and ready to fight and kill each other at the drop of a hat on the behalf of niggers and Jews.

Being a Nazi and dedicated to brutal realism of facts and speech it is extremely difficult for me to comment on your book The Lightning and the Sun because of the inescapable conclusions it produces in me as to my own place in the struggle and perhaps in history.

This analysis of the creative forces which reappear cyclically to rescue humanity hurling itself into the abyss is superb, masterful, and I could not more heartily agree that Adolf Hitler is the greatest of these historical giants who reappear recurrently in the human pageant.

Further, I agree that Hitler embodied mostly “Sun” to use your own term. If he made any mistakes it was failing to incorporate enough “Lightning” in his movement. He was, in my opinion, almost a Jesus-like figure, compared to the Draconian role he had to play. He was also so far above me and everybody else I gave ever known or experienced in intellect, spirit, and pure genius that I cringe with shame to presume to pose myself anywhere near this God-like figure, yet the course of events, the failure of anybody else to assume the task, and my own uncontrollable will to drive forward for a Hitlerite world with every fiber of my being, forced me to assume the role you have described so masterfully in The Lightning and the Sun.

I truthfully feel like a mouse forced to try to lead a battle of tigers and sincerely pray to the Destiny in which I have come to believe to send us another giant in the mold of Hitler. Until I can discover such a one, however, I shall stop at nothing to create and lead to victory an Aryan Internationale. Since I began two years ago, utterly alone, deserted finally even by a wonderful wife and family, without funds and unknown, I believe we have succeeded in producing a wave of resurgent National Socialism which will soon sweep the world. [Letter ends here]

4 January 1961

Dearest Comrade,

The literature you sent me—with the glorious sign all over it—and your letter (of which only pages 1, 2, 3, and 5, reached me—there is a blank sheet instead of p. 4)—have brought tears of joy into my eyes. My mind went back to the darkest year in world history, 1945, the year in which I wanted to kill myself.

“Oh to sleep, to forget—to die!
While in the distant West, events
Would take their course,
Freed from the nightmare of surrender,
Freed from the nightmare of remorse,
For not having laid down my life in action at Thy side,
In absolute unconsciousness,
Forever to abide!”

—These are the very words in which I describe (retrospectively) my state of mind, in a “prose poem” entitled “1945”—one of an unpublished series of sixteen “prose poems”—the year in which the only feeling that held me back from putting an end to myself was . . . the hope of seeing one day “the enemy” in still worse a plight (if possible) than my beloved Third Reich.

Who could have told me then, that one day, from that very USA which I then hated so wildly—for I saw in it nothing but Roosevelt’s USA, and that of Eisenhower’s “Crusade to Europe”—I would receive such a tribute as this to the One Man and the one Idea that have always filled my life? Who could have dreamed such a thing then—only fifteen years ago?

I thank you from the depths of my heart for all your efforts. May I one day see you in power, reaching us a fraternal hand over the Atlantic—undoing, with the help of your fine fighting young men, the mischief Roosevelt, Truman, and Eisenhower have done. Thank you for your flattering—too flattering—words to me. I appreciate them, not that I think myself worthy of such praise (those who suffered physical torture at the hands of the enemy and of his agents, and stood the test victoriously, calmly replying “Heil Hitler!” to their torturers and not speaking anything more, those deserve praise, not I. As I told one of them, once—a German heroine named Gerda Strasdat, whose both legs and one arm were cut off as a result of the injuries inflicted upon her by British slaves of Jewry in 1945, and who still lay, in 1959, on a bed, happy and smiling, saying: “I’ve done my best for the Führer and the Reich. I am content!”—they are the “Gold in the Furnace”; I only wrote Gold in the Furnace. (Was not there at the proper time, but in India, 6,000 miles away, the stupid fool!)

But you wrote those words prompted by love for Him, in whose shadow we all stand—because I too love him. That is why I value your words—and the beautiful picture of him, looking at me from the first page—at me who never saw Him in flesh and blood and would give my life to see Him once, only once, and greet Him, with out-stretched arm and the two Words of faith and pride.

I could sing and dance for joy at the idea that there are people like you and your collaborators now on the surface of this earth; people younger than I (I am fifty-five) who will carry to fruition the things I have lived for, consciously, for the last thirty-two years; unaware, since ever—since before this life, if, as the Hindus believe, we live many births and many deaths.

I read your literature and agree with all you say, save—perhaps—with the lavish use of the expression “White” man. I know it is a convenient expression. But the Jews are—often are, at any rate—also “White”; and color is not sufficient to determine race. A black Angora cat and a white Angora cat are both Angora cats—cats of the same breed, with a slight variation. A black Angora cat and a black “gutter” cat are not of the same breed, even if they both be also entirely of the same color (of hair and skin). I hope I make myself clear with this simile. An olive-skinned man (the color of a dark Italian, or of a fair upper-caste Indian) with perfect Aryan features, is a much better specimen of Aryan humanity than a “White” man with his ears set too high not to argue some Semitic blood, or with pink but Negro-shaped lips (as there are some).

Savitri’s illustration (from the letter) of typical Semitic and Aryan profiles.
(Courtesy of Matt Koehl.)

Don’t you think the word Aryan is much more accurate than the word “White”? All Aryans are (more or less) White. But all more or less Whites are not necessarily Aryans—anything but!

As for our beloved Leader having been “mistaken” when making National Socialism specifically “German,” I don’t believe he was for a minute. He was perfectly conscious that a Nation is nothing but a tragic joke when not based upon the solid concept of race. He said so over and over again. He admitted naturalizations of non-German Nordics and occasionally of non-German Aryans of other countries than of North Europe into the German Nation. He said (I think I quoted those words somewhere at the end of The Lightning and the Sun): “It will not matter, in the Europe we are building, whether a man comes from Norway or Austria, provided he be a pure-blooded and healthy Aryan.” What more do you want?

He would have been the first one to accept the Aryan elements of Canada and the USA, of South Africa and Australia, and (from a few instances I personally know) even those—non-“Nordic” but yet “Aryan”—of the pure high castes of India, and of Iran, as the élite in the respective countries they live in. He even admitted alliance with altogether non-Aryans—i.e., the Japanese—provided it remained a collaboration in spirit, but never intermarriage.

The traditional racialist attitude of the Hindus—inherited from the Aryan invaders of India, 6,000 years ago or so—is exactly the same. One is honored—or was honored until Mr. Nehru’s widespread propaganda against “caste” (in favor of the race-mixers)—in India, not because one is rich, or even learned, but for the degree of purity of one’s Aryan blood. A fair Brahmin, with features like ours, as descendant of the old hallowed invaders of the Vedic days, is, according to the Hindu religious conception, infinitely more valuable than a rich, dark, even learned Sudra.

That is why—thinking there were enough people to spread the Hitler Idea to Europe in his days of power, I went to India (already in 1932) to try to integrate the young new faith of the West, into the time-honored Aryan tradition of the land of many races that don’t (or are supposed not to) mix, in which “Arya”—Aryan—means to this day “noble” and “leading”; natural aristocracy.

Had we won this damned war, the things I preached in India for years and years—and my quotations from Mein Kampf, and from Alfred Rosenberg’s Myth of the Twentieth Century, parallel to words of old Hindu Scripture, would not have been lost. Now the Jew is financing every manner of democratic propaganda there as elsewhere.

Your remarks about Iceland are very interesting—all the more, to me, that I lived nearly a year in that island (from 8 November 1946 to August 1947) and even learnt the language. The people are a fine Nordic people—many downright beautiful. I went there to not see the posters before certain shows in Oxford Street (London) 1946: “Nazi Atrocities: 1 shilling, 6 pence entrance.” And not to hear the wireless in tea-shops and elsewhere barking insults at our Führer and all we stand for.

Well . . . I found just the same (in a milder form). Just as many sighs over the “poor” Jews, of whom we had apparently gassed some three or four million. (Then they grew into six million, and now into nine million as the Eichmann show trial is drawing nigh. I suppose there will be more gassed Jews than there ever were Jews on this planet, before the trial is over!) One of the first people to appear at the house where I was staying was a certain Abrahams, a talented Jewish music executant, with his mother and . . . Icelandic wife (fortunately no children), all as anti-Nazi as can be.

“Occult” pursuits were very popular. And nearly every “occult”-minded person was at the same time a Freemason, therefore an anti-Nazi.

If things have changed since 1947, I am very, very glad of it indeed. And I wish you with all my heart that Mrs. Rockwell should join you in your struggle, wherever you may choose to fight. And the four beautiful Nordic children!—What have you called them? Are they boys and girls? How old are they?

I’d be very pleased to come for a visit to the USA, say, during the long holidays, for instance. Unfortunately I am barely in a position to make two ends meet. The publication of three of the books of mine you have [Pilgrimage, The Lightning and the Sun, and Impeachment of Man]—not Gold in the Furnace, and also not Defiance, which I am sending you, which my collaborator Mr. Mukherji printed long ago. (Mr. Mukherji is a very generous Indian Brahmin who, thinking it would help me to leave India in 1939—and speak in Bengali and Greek on the German Radio, where I was expected to speak, but could not, as I could not leave—gave me his name and protection, without any personal obligation or “duty” of mine towards him in return.) The other three cost me all I earned in three years’ work (college and private pupils). And their transport from India was extremely costly—also the postage; therefore, I would be grateful if one helped me to pay at least the postage. I just can’t manage it with my uncertain lessons—and so few! (My foreign nationality prevents me from having a fixed job in French education.)

So if there are means for securing my journey to and back from the States and my stay there, I am delighted to go and join you for two or three months in your struggle; make speeches; tell those who are not yet quite conscious of it of the greatness of our Führer and of the perfection of His Doctrine. I wouldn’t like anything better! But am not in a position to undertake now or in the near future such an expensive journey. And where should I stay?

I am sending Defiance very soon. So you will have: The Lightning and the Sun, Pilgrimage, Gold in the Furnace, Impeachment of Man, and Defiance. I had told my friend Miss Gantry from London to send you the two first ones. Did she do so? For I also sent the same: so you should have two of each.

Would you like me to send you other copies of the same (and roughly how many of each?) for your friends—could you sell any for me? You can keep the money for the struggle; I am not making a business out of my writings. But I should like you—if possible—to send me the postage costs—for I cannot manage otherwise. Soon I shall materially not be able to send anything anywhere for shortage of funds.

I absolutely agree with you about the silliness of nationality not based upon race. No frontiers between creatures that are not biologically different—quite right. That’s exactly the basis of our Führer’s Anschluß: “Gemeinsames Blut gehört in ein gemeinsames Reich.” That—and the famous Point 4 of the Twenty-Five Points—“Staatsburger kann nur sein, wer Volksgenoße kann nur sein wer deutsche Blutes ist. Daher kann kein Jude Staatsbürger sein”—is the basis of the Aryan Revolution of this century (twentieth century “AD”—First century of the New Reckoning, one day, I hope).

With best greetings for the coming year. May it bring us a step nearer to reconquered power!

In faith, as ever,
Yours fraternally,
Heil Hitler!

Savitri Devi Mukherji

Do you know comrade John L— [address omitted]? A fine National Socialist. Heinrich H—’s daughter put me in touch with him. Do you know Colin Jordan [address omitted]? Get in touch with him. He is one of the best Aryans in Europe, he and his boys. They are preparing some demonstration against the Yids on the 4th or 5th of March—before the Eichmann Trial. Why not do the same in the USA?