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Savitri Devi liked to draw and paint, but she had no pretensions of being an artist. She drew and painted simply out of affection for friends and relatives. She drew whimsical pictures to entertain her Indian nieces and nephews, and may have written and illustrated her children’s book Joy of the Sun (1942) with them in mind. She also sent drawings and watercolors to friends as gifts. When she presented copies of her books to special friends, she would sometimes draw then paint dust jackets for them. Savitri also sometimes illustrated her personal letters. It is in the same light-hearted and affectionate spirit that we reproduce these paintings and drawings here.

drawings1 drawings2 drawings3 drawings14
drawings15 drawings16 drawings4 drawings5
drawings6 drawings7 drawings8 drawings9
drawings10 drawings11 drawings12 drawings13
cats11 cats12

Naturally, the Archive would be grateful to receive other paintings and drawings by Savitri (originals or copies), even if they are merely variations on the pictures already presented here. We will pay all duplication and mailing expenses. We are happy either to acknowledge donors by name or keep them anonymous, as they prefer.