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This photo, and a companion photo taken at the same time and reproduced in the Friends gallery, have an identical two-word inscription in Greek. Unfortunately, the upper parts of the words have been trimmed away, but the first word in both inscriptions appears to be Αίγυπτος “Egypt.” In Defiance, Savitri mentions visiting Egypt before the Second World War.

The companion photo also bears the date 1934 in black ink. Written over it in blue ink is 1931. The reason we accept the original rather than the altered date is that Savitri later claimed that she went to India in 1932 and stayed there until 1945, except for a 1937 trip to the Middle East, which may also have included Egypt. In fact, however, Savitri first went to India in 1935. We conjecture, therefore, that Savitri backdated this photograph to make it consistent with her later story that she was in India in 1934.