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News Archive: 2008, 2007, 2006


9 November 2009

Savitri Devi’s commemoration of the 9th of November 1923

Plus PDF versions of the poem’s original typescripts: Typescript A and Typescript B.


30 September 2009

Today is Savitri Devi’s 104th Birthday.


10 July 2009

R. G. Fowler Interviewed about Savitri Devi and Archive

See the Mourning the Ancient website. Special thanks to the folks at Mourning the Ancient for this opportunity. Eventually, we will place this interview in the Archive.


17 May 2009


Savitri Devi and Savitri Devi Archive Mentioned in New Novel

Alex Kurtagic’s novel on the dystopian near future, Mister, contains references to Savitri Devi, the Savitri Devi Archive, Miguel Serrano, and a vast and shadowy conspiracy of Esoteric Hitlerists who do battle with the System. Other real-life figures who are mentioned or figure as characters include Kevin MacDonald, David Irving, David Duke, James Edwards, and Tomislav Sunic. Mister is a challenging read: densely written and stylistically avant-garde. But it is also tremendously entertaining, wickedly funny, and sometimes downright chilling. Alex Kurtagic is our best novelist since Céline. I urge all fans of Savitri Devi, Serrano, and good writing to buy this book.

R. G. Fowler


20 April 2009

Savitri Devi on the Birth of Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler was born on 20 April 1889. Savitri Devi discusses the historical circumstances of his birth and her unique interpretation of its cosmic significance in “The Late-Born Child of Light,” Chapter 12 of The Lightning and the Sun (Calcutta: Savitri Devi Mukherji, 1958).


20 April 2009


Savitri’s Commemoration of the Birth of Adolf Hitler

20 April 1949, from Defiance


9 April 2009

In Memoriam

John Colin Campbell Jordan, 19 June 1923 to 9 April 2009

With great sadness, we have received news of the death of Colin Jordan, Savitri Devi’s comrade and friend and the elder statesman of British National Socialism.


28 February 2009

In Memoriam

Miguel Serrano, 10 September 1917 to 28 February 2009

With great sadness, we have received news of the death of Miguel Serrano, Savitri Devi’s comrade and fellow founder of esoteric Hiterlism.


21 January 2009

More Savitri Devi in Greek!
Ινδία & Εθνικοσοσιαλισμός
(India and National Socialism)

This appears to be a Greek translation of Chapter 10 of Souvenirs et réflexions d ’une Aryenne (New Delhi: Savitri Devi Mukherji, 1976), "L’ésotérisme hitlérien et la Tradition" ("Hitlerian Esotericism and the Tradition") which was translated into Italian and published as L'India e il Nazismo (Parma: Editzioni all'insegna del Veltro, 1979). We will publish more complete bibliographical information as soon as we can procure a copy.


20 January 2009

New Translation

Chapter 11 of Impeachment of Man, "Race, Economics, and Kindness: The Ideal World" translated into Russian.


19 January 2009

New Pages

So that the News page will load faster, we have created archive pages for old news stories: 2008, 2007, 2006.


18 January 2009

Updated Pages

The following Archive pages have been updated: Bookshop, Works, Texts. Check back soon for new updates.


18 January 2009

Savitri Devi in Greek!
Η κόρη του ήλιου

(Daughter of the Sun)

Daughter of the Sun (as best I can make out, since I know next to nothing about Greek) is an anthology of writings by Savitri Devi translated into Greek. It is a paperback volume of 160 pages. Texts include "Anthropocentric Creeds " and "Joyous Wisdom" from Impeachment of Man, the Introduction and "Akhnaton and the World Today" from A Son of God/Son of the Sun, "Indian Paganism" from A Warning to the Hindus, "The Rocks of the Sun" from Pilgrimage, "and excerpts from The Lightning and the Sun. This book was published in 2003, but somehow escaped our attention until now. We thank a Greek friend of the Archive for sending us a copy. I hope you will all add this volume to your growing Savitri Devi collections. That will encourage more books like this in the future.


17 January 2009

Savitri Devi in Russian!
Время Кали

(Kali Yuga)

Kali Yuga is an anthology of writings by Savitri Devi translated into Russian. It is a handsomely produced hardcover volume of 176 pages. Texts include "The Religion of the Strong" and "Hitlerian Esotericism and the Tradition" from Souvenirs, "The Rocks of the Sun" from Pilgrimage, "The Philosophy of the Swastika" and extracts on "National Socialism and Neo-Paganism" and "Feminism and National Socialism" from Gold in the Furnace, the essays "Hitlerism and Hindudom" and "Shinto," and "Kalki: The Avenger" from The Lightning and the Sun. As always, we urge you to buy this book, even if you don’t read Russian, to encourage the futher publication and dissemination of Savitri Devi’s works.


16 January 2009

And Time Rolls On translated into French as
Autobiographie d’une Hitlérienne

One sign of growing interest in Savitri Devi in the land of her birth is a series of French translations of her work. We are particularly proud of this one, since the original edition of And Time Rolls On is the first volume in our Centennial Edition of Savitri Devi’s Works. We urge you to buy this book, even if you don’t read French, to encourage the futher publication and dissemination of Savitri Devi’s works.


15 January 2009

Update on the Archive’s New Edition of Defiance

For six months we have been holding 30 copies of Defiance for people who purchased copies of Gold in the Funace. Since these copies have not been purchased, we are releasing them for general sale. Get them while they last! 30 20 5 copies remain.

News Archive: 2008, 2007, 2006