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(Kalki, the Avenger)



The last Incarnation of Him-Who-comes-back-the last Man, “against Time” — has many names. Every great faith, every great culture, nay, every true (living or obsolete) form or a Tradition as old as the fall of man (and as the subsequent yearning for the lost earthly Paradise) has given Him one. Through the eyes of the Visionary of Pathmos, the Christians, behold in Him Christ “present for the second time”1: no, longer a meek preacher of love and forgiveness, but the irresistible Leader of the celestial “white Horsemen” destined to put an end to this sinful world and to establish “a new Heaven and a new earth”; a new Time-cycle. The Mohammedan World is awaiting Him under the features of “the Mahdi,” Whom Allah shall send “at the end of times,” to crush all evil through the power of His sword — “after the Jews will once more have became the masters of Jerusalem” and “after the Devil will have taught men to set even the air they breathe, on fire.”2 On the other hand, in nearly every country of Europe, popular Tradition has greeted the One-Who-comes-back either in the form of a departed and returning King, or as the very Soul of a mythical, hidden Army: in Germany, as Emperor Frederic Barbarossa, who shall one day come out of the cave in which he has been asleep for centuries, and save his people, and lead them to unheard-of glory; in Denmark, as Holger Danske, of the Kronborg Mountain; in Poland, as the “Sleeping Host” of folk-tales; in Hungary, as “Attila,” who is, one day to re-appear at the head of “Csaba’s Army” and to work divine vengeance upon the wicked and to mete out justice; while the old solar religions of Central America pictured Him as the radiant white god Quetzalcohuatl, returning in glory and power — like the rising Sun — from beyond the Eastern Ocean. And the millions of Hindusthan have called Him

1 “Deutera Parousia” — “Second presence” — (of Christ) is the Greek expression for the “end of the world.”
2 This tradition can be, in Islam, traced up to the fourteenth century. In Persia the Twelfth Imam — who disappeared mysteriously, to come back at the end of times, — has been identified with the “Mahdi”


from time immemorial and still call Him “Kalki,” the last Incarnation of the world-sustaining Power: Vishnu; the One Who will, in the interest of Life, put an end to this “Kali Yuga” or “Age of Gloom” and open a new succession of ages. I have called Him in this book by His Hindu name, not in order to show off an erudition which I am far from possessing, but simply because I happen to know of no Tradition in which the three types of manifested existence — ”above Time,” “against Time” and “in Time” — which I tried in these pages to evoke and to define, have so obviously their counterpart in the basic trinitarian conception of Divinity Itself, and in which (as a consequence of this) the Man “against Time” is, in all His successive embodiments, but specially in His last one, more eloquently — and more logically — considered as the divine Man par excellence.

A few words will make this point clear.

The well-known Hindu Trinity — Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, so masterfully evoked in Indian art — is anything but the blending of three inseparable “gods” into one; nay, anything but the triple aspect of one transcendent and personal God. It symbolises something by far more fundamental, namely Existence in its entirety: manifested and unmanifested; conceivable, nay visible and tangible, and beyond conception. For Existence — Being — is the One thing divine. And there is no Divinity outside It; and nothing outside Divinity.

Now “Brahma” is Existence in und für sich — in and for Itself; Being unmanifested, and thereby outside and above Time; Being, beyond the conception of the Time-bound mind, and thereby, unknowable. It is significant that “Brahma” has no temples in India — or elsewhere. One cannot render a cult to That which no time-bound consciousness can conceive. One can, at the most, through the right attitude (and also through the right ascetic practises) merge one’s self into It; transcend individual consciousness; live “above Time” — in the absolute Present which admits no “before” and no “after,” and which is Eternity.

“Brahma” — their own deeper Self and that of the world, experienced on the level of Eternity — is That which all men “above Time” seek to realise: the positive state of “peace, perfect peace”; of peace, not through non-existence, but


through liberation from the bondage of “before” and “after” and of all “pairs of opposites.”

“Vishnu” — the World-Sustainer — is the tendency of every being to remain the same and to create (and procreate) in its own likeness; the universal Life-force as opposed to change and thereby to disaggregation and death; the Power that binds this time-bound Universe to its timeless Essence — every manifested being to the Idea of that being, in the sense Plato was one day to give the word “Idea.”

All men “against Time” (all centres of action “against Time,” in the cosmic sense of the word) are “embodiments of Vishnu.” They are all — more or less — “Saviours of the world” forces of Life, directed against the downward current of irresistible change that is the very current of Time; forces of Life tending to bring the world back to original timeless Perfection; to that glorious projection of the Unmanifested that begins every Time-cycle.

“Shiva” — the “Destroyer” — is the tendency of every being to change, to die to its present and to all its past aspects. He is Mahakala — Time Itself; Time that drags the Universe to its unavoidable doom and — beyond that — to no less irresistible regeneration; to the Spring of a new Golden Age, and, again, slowly and steadily, to degeneracy and death, in an endless succession of Time-cycles, anyone of which is an individual cycle, parallel to all others, no doubt, but like unto none other before or after it.

The truly great men “in Time” — men such as Genghis Khan, or, nearer to us, Stalin, — reflect something of His terrible majesty. The greatest men “against Time” also, — inasmuch as they all must possess (more or less) the qualities of character that are specially those of the men “in Time”; the qualities in which is rooted the efficiency of organised violence. For Shiva is not only the “Destroyer”; He is the Creator — the “Good one”1; the “positive” One — also, to the extent all further creation is conditioned by change, and ultimately by the destruction of that which was there before. He is — as Essence of destructive change; as Time — turned towards the future. The wild, cosmic joy of His Dance in the midst of flames, at the end of every successive Time-cycle, is both the joy of destruction and of new, perfect Creation. So much so that one can

1 The word “Shiva” means the “Good One.”


not distinguish it from the joy of the heroes “against Time,” Incarnations of Vishnu. These are all, as I said before, also men “above Time.” A typical historic figure “above Time” — the Buddha — has been, in fact, classified as an “Incarnation of Vishnu” by the wise men of India; and there is indeed, in the cry of triumph attributed to him on his death bed — ”Now, I shall never, never again enter a womb!” — something of the exultant intoxication of Lord Shiva’s cosmic Dance. And, on the other hand, Lord Shiva Himself, — Time personified — is also (strange as this may seem to the purely analytical mind) “above Time.” He is the great Yogi, Whose face remains as serene as the blue sky while His feet beat the furious rhythm of the Tandava Dance, amidst the flames and smoke of a crumbling world.

In other words, Vishnu and Shiva, the World-Sustainer and the World-Destroyer, the Force “against Time” and Time Itself, — Mahakala — are One and the same.1 And they are Brahma, timeless Existence, the Essence of all that is, They are Brahma manifested, “in Time” (and, automatically, also “against Time”) and yet timeless. Hindu art has symbolised this metaphysical truth in the figure of Hari-Hara (Vishnu and Shiva in one body) and in the famous Trimurti: three-faced Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva.

In the manifested Universe as we experience it at our scale, no living being embodies that triple and complete idea of Existence: — the everlasting, universal Law of constant change away from, and of untiring aspiration towards and ceaseless effort back to original Perfection, and the ineffable inner peace of Timelessness, inseparable from It — better than the everlasting and ever-returning Man “against Time”; He-Who-comes-back, age after age “to destroy evil-doers, and to establish upon earth the reign of righteousness.”2

The man “in Time” has hardly any of the “Vishnu” or, as I have called them, “Sun” qualities.

The man “above Time” has hardly any of the “Lightning” qualities of Shiva, the Destroyer.

The man “against Time” — the exceptional Kshattriya, who lives in Eternity, while acting in Time, according to the Aryan.

1 Sri Krishna, Incarnation of Vishnu, says, in the Bhagavad-Gita: “I am Time everlasting, I, the Supporter, Whose Face turns everywhere.”
2 Bhagavad-Gita, IV, verses 7 and 8.


doctrine of detached Violence once proclaimed upon the Kurukshettra Field — has Vishnu’s faithfulness to the original divine pattern of Creation, Shiva’s holy fury of destruction (in view of further Creation) and Brahma’s fathomless serenity which is, I repeat, the serenity of all three: timeless peace beyond the roar of all wars in Time.

Yet no hero “against Time” has, in any Time-cycle, ever expressed that triple aspect of immanent Divinity with absolute adequacy, save the last one. And none was permanently successful (to the extent anything is permanent in Time-bound existence) — i.e., successful at least for a few myriads of years — save the last one. The life-work of every other one either gave way from within, after an incredibly short span of time, — securing itself, at the most, a purely nominal survival at the cost of ever greater compromises with the forces of disintegration, — or, was crushed from outside after a desperate struggle against those increasingly efficient forces. It is as though, throughout the countless millenniums of every successive Time-cycle, from the end of the Golden Age onwards, Divinity seeks to express Itself in a new World Order, faithful to the eternal pattern, through the agency of inspired Leaders of the greatest races of the earth, and never can do so till the end. Or rather, it is as though “the end” could be defined as the historical moment in which immanent Divinity, i.e., the Soul of the Universe, is again able to express Itself in a true World-Order, through the agency of the one and only one fully successful great Individual “against Time.”

That last great Individual — an absolutely harmonious blending of the sharpest of all opposites; equally “Sun” and “Lightning” — is the one Whom the faithful of all religions and the bearers of practically all cultures await; the one of Whom Adolf Hitler (knowingly or unknowingly) said, in 1928: “I am not he; but while nobody comes forward to prepare the way for him, I do so”; the One Whom I have called by His Hindu name, Kalki, on account of the cosmic truth that this names evokes.

* * *

The world has been waiting for Him for hundreds of thousands of years.


Every Man “against Time” has, knowingly or unknowingly, foreshadowed Him, and paved the way for His coming. The youngest great race of our Time-cycle on this earth — the Aryan — is awakening in order to bear Him in full consciousness and pride. And the most heroic and the most selfless of all its Leaders, Adolf Hitler, the One-before-the-last Man “against Time,” — more heroic than any of the elder ones, for he fought against the downward pressure of many more centuries; more selfless than the very last One, for he was, contrarily to Him, to reap nothing but disaster, — sacrificed himself and his people — at large in order to give Him; (out of the faithful surviving few) compagnons at arms in the last decisive battle.

And the signs of times proclaim that the day He — Kalki — will appear, is drawing nigh.

He will appear when all but the last and toughest of the natural Aryan aristocracy — His chosen compagnons at arms — have definitely taken the way to the abyss. And all but the chosen few are rapidly taking that way.

* * *

A more and more glaring sign of fate is to be observed in the shocking increase of the population of the globe from year to years; specially in the increase of the lower races and in the rapid bastardisation of the higher ones and the resulting accelerated fall of the whole of mankind to the level of an enormous unthinking herd.

I have, in another part of this book, already mentioned the fact as one of the main characteristics of the advancing Dark Age. In the Golden Age, — symbolised, in Christian Tradition, in the much older myth of the “Garden of Eden” — extremely few people, but all god-like, lived in a lovely world, covered (wherever the climate permitted) with a luxuriant vegetation that nobody destroyed, and full of beautiful, free and friendly, animals, that nobody killed or injured. However; with the appearing of what I have called the superstition of “man,” expression of the oldest human selfishness and conceit, — i.e., meanness, — which cut him off the harmonious brotherhood of living creatures and caused his fall from the Golden Age state of existence,

1 I have mentioned in this book Hans Grimm’s tragic warning. (See his book “Warum? Woher? aber Wohin?” p. 107-108 and 206 and following).


man ceased to be the righteous king of Creation to become, gradually, its tyrant and, more and more, — as myriads of years rolled by and as he sunk into the Dark Age, — its torturer. And his rebellion against the divinity of Nature led him, along with this, to despise Nature’s great purpose. A short-sighted quest for indiscriminate individual enjoyment made him indifferent to the call to supermanhood. And he degraded himself ever more. Now, at the end of the Dark Age, the Edenic picture is completely reversed. Upon the surface of this unfortunate planet, which is loosing with alarming rapidity its once so broad and thick mantle of forests; of this unfortunate planet, where whole species of proud wild creatures — the aristocracy of the animal world — have already been or are being, with no less speed, wiped away, — killed off to the last, — one notices an increasingly obnoxious and steadily expanding swarm of dreary (when not positively ugly) vulgar, silly, worthless two-legged mammals. And the more worthless they are, the quicker they breed. The sickly and the dull have more children than the healthy and bright; the inferior races, and the people who have no race at all, definitely more than the hundred per cent Aryan; and the down-right rotten — afflicted both with hereditary diseases and racially undefinable blood — are, more often than not, terrifyingly fertile.

And everything is done to encourage that mad increase in number and that constant loss in quality. Everything is done to keep the sickly, the cripple, the freaks of nature, the unfit to work and unfit to live, from dying. One “prolongs” as much as possible the lives of the incurable. One inflicts torture upon thousands of lovely, innocent, healthy animals, in the hope of discovering “new treatments,” so that deficient men, whom Nature has, anyhow, condemned to death, might last a few months — or a few weeks longer; so that they be patched up, or artificially given an illusion of vitality... while remaining a burden to the healthy. And that, whoever they may be; just because they are “human beings.” Hospitals and asylums — bluntly described as such, or politely christened “homes” are full of such dregs of humanity, old and young... while the healthy are (physically and morally) made unhealthy, through the conditions of life imposed upon them by a false civilisation: through joyless work and over-crowded houses lack of privacy; lack of leisure; through compulsory inoculations


and cleverly advertised unnatural food; through nerve-wrecking mass-music, not to speak of a soul-killing, brain-softening mass-propaganda exalting unnatural values. Hospitals and asylums are, after slaughter-houses, one of the most depressing features of the advanced “Kali Yuga” or Dark Age; the one which would automatically provoke the greatest disgust in the heart of a strong man of the beginning of this Age, not to mention one out of the preceding “Dwapara Yuga” and a fortiori out of a remoter Age, if such men could come back as they once were.

But why speak of hospitals and asylums? The streets are full of dregs of humanity, at least full of bastards and of sub-men. One only has to look at the faces one sees in the over-crowded buses, or in the cinemas and dancing-halls and cafes in large towns, nay even in small ones, even in the countryside, everywhere, save in those lands in which the dominant race is relatively pure. It is a pitiful sight; a pitiful world; a world up-side-down; a world in which the average cat or dog is, as such, immeasurably healthier, more beautiful — more perfect — than the average man or woman and a fortiori than the average post-1945 State ruler; nearer to the ideal archetype of his species than most present-day human beings and specially than the official (and the hidden) leaders of the present-day “free world” — President Eisenhower (or rather, Mr. Baruch) Churchill, Mendes-France, etc., (let alone their most obedient servants Konrad Adenauer, Theodor Heuss and Co) — ever were to the ideal archetype of man, God’s masterpiece.

If only the, ugly sub-men were capable of lofty thoughts — or simply of thought — that would be something! But they are not. And their leaders are worse than they, not better. True, they all speak of “free thinking”; speak of it, and write about it. They criticise their former friends (the Communists) for “killing individual thought.” Yet they are themselves the first ones to lack both freedom of judgement and individuality. They all have the same views; and the same ideal. Their views are those of the ruling press. Their ideal is to “get on in life,” i.e., to make money and to “be happy,” which means: to enjoy tasty food, fine clothing, lodgings provided with the latest commodities; and, in addition to that, as often as possible, a little drink, a little light music, a little sport, a little love-making. Maybe, they call themselves Christians — or


Hindus, or anything else. But whatever religion they might profess, their faith is skin-deep. Nothing, absolutely nothing more-than-personal — and, a fortiori, more-than-human, — interests them. The one thing they all pray for, when they pray at all, is “peace”; not the unassailable, inner peace of the Best (of which they have not the foggiest experience), but peace in the sense of absence of war; the indefinite prolongation of a “status quo” which allows them to think of to-morrow’s little pleasure without the fear of to-day’s deadly danger; peace, thanks to which they will, undisturbed, — so they hope — be able to go on rotting in the midst of that increasing comfort, which technical progress secures them; peace, thanks to which they expect to remain (or gradually to become) happy — in the manner pigs are happy, when they have plenty to eat and clean straw to lie upon.

Accelerated technical progress is, along with accelerated human degeneracy, an all-important feature of the advanced Dark Age.

It is — or seems to be — the “triumph of man” over Nature. And it is interpreted and exalted as such by the sub-men, all the more proud of it that they have nothing else — no real, living culture; no disinterested work or knowledge-to be proud of. It is — or seems to be — the “proof” of man’s superiority over all other sentient beings; the “proof” of his superiority en bloc, regardless of race, for... a Negro can drive a motorcar, can’t he? And there are very clever Jewish doctors. It forwards or strengthens the age-old superstition of “man,” which lies at the root of all decay. It is, or seems to be, the way to universal “happiness”; the ideal of those increasing millions — and soon, milliards — who have no ideal. In fact, it helps the ruling powers of the Dark Age, the skilful agents of the forces of disintegration, to keep the millions under their control. For, paradoxical as this may sound, masses who can read and write are easier to enslave than masses who cannot, and nothing is so easy to subdue and to keep down as masses who consider their wireless and television sets and cinema shows as indispensable necessities of life. (The modern men “against Time” know that, as well as the men “in Time.” Only they do not dispose of the inexhaustible financial resources of the latter.)

Technical progress, in all fields in which it does not automatically


imply cruelty towards man or beast (or plant)1, is not a bad thing in itself. Actually, it is not it that makes the Dark Age. What makes the Dark Age is the fall of all but an extreme minority of men to the level of a brainless (and heartless) herd, and, at the same time, their endless increase in number. And technical progress is a curse only inasmuch as it is the most powerful instrument in the hands of all those who, directly or indirectly, encourage that indiscriminate increase and, consequently, forward that herd-mentality (even if they do not explicitly intend to); in the hands of the doctors who keep the weak and deficient and mongrels alive, and do nothing to prevent further such ones from being born: in the hands of the politicians “in Time” who, precisely because they all share — like the doctors — the age-old superstition of “man” and of man’s individual “happiness” at any cost, are opposed to any systematic selection in view of the survival and welfare of the healthiest, let alone to systematic racial selection also, in view of the survival and rule of an all-round biological human aristocracy.

As I said above, technical progress and its wonders could just as easily be put to the service of a decidedly “life-centred” philosophy “against Time”; of an aristocratic doctrine of personal and racial quality, such as National Socialism, if only the exponents of such a doctrine could maintain themselves in power in this advanced Age of Gloom — which they cannot.

The reason why they cannot is not that there exist electric trains and electric irons, radios and television sets, aeroplanes and washing machines and “electronic brains” and all manner of major and minor commodities, products of technical skill, but that the overwhelming majority of mankind in this Age — the more and more numerous and duller and duller herd of all races, in process of general bastardisation, — is against any and every aristocratic wisdom. The reason is that the millions and millions — soon milliards — of sub-men feel themselves threatened in their dream of pig-like “happiness,” nay, in their no less pig-like existence, by whoever embodies such a wisdom “against Time.” The reason is that the increasingly powerful agents of the death-forces, natural leaders of this Age, use radio, cinema, television, and all technical means that money can secure, to excite the unthinking herd against the Best, while

1 Destruction of forests, for instance.


doing everything they cart, through the advertisement of more and more wonderful commodities, to keep the average man’s slumbering mind away from higher things — away from every aspiration “against Time”; away from every aggressive criticism of the fundamental Dark Age dogmas and, in general, away from all impersonal problems... until its slumber ends in the definitive sleep of death,.

It is not — surely not! — technical progress as such which so deeply shocks Kalki’s future compagnons at arms (or the fathers of such ones), those natural aristocrats of the youngest human race, whom I have described as “the Best.” It is the glaring disparity between the perfection of modern technical achievements considered as “means” and the worthlessness of the ends to the service of which they are put; it is the contrast between that wonderful Aryan intelligence, which stands and shines behind practically every discovery of modern science, every invention of modern technique, and the steadily increasing degeneracy of the sub-human multitudes who enjoy the products of its creative ingenuity in daily life, as a matter of course, nay, who, through their misuse of them, are sinking lower and lower into that brainless and soulless “happiness” — I repeat: that pig-like “happiness” — which is the ideal of our times.

That ideal is the one forwarded, under one form or another, more and more unmistakably in the course of centuries, by all typical Dark Age leaders “in Time,” in particular, by that most efficient of all agents of the Dark Powers during the last two thousand four hundred years (at least) and specially during the last three or four hundred years: the international Jew.

The advanced Dark Age of this present Time-cycle is the reign of the Jew — of the negative element; of the reverser of eternal values for the sake of “human” ones, and, finally, for that of his own, selfish interests; the reign of the “destroyer of culture,” as Adolf Hitler so rightly pointed out; of the age-old “ferment of disintegration.” It is natural that “ferments of disintegration” should become more and more active — more and more alive — as a Time-cycle nears its end.

* * *

It is — or was, for a very long time — a wide-spread belief


among Christians that, when the Jews become once more the masters of Palestine, their “promised Land,” the “end of the world” — i.e., the end of the present Time-cycle, — will not be far away. The Mohammedans behold, they too, in that same event, one of the tokens announcing the advent of the long-awaited “Mahdi.”1 Thanks to England’s steadily pro-Jewish policy, the Jews have, in Palestine, since 1938, a State of their own. If the collective belief of many generations of men, both in the West and in the Near East, corresponds to any reality (and collective beliefs of that nature generally do, to some extent), then the great end must be drawing night. The existence of that strange — at the same time ultra-modern and unbelievably archaic — Israelitish State is an extra “sign of times” or, rather, the symbol of a by far mightier and more dangerous reality, which is the actual “sign.” And that reality is none other than the ever-tightening grip of the Jew upon the whole world.

The truth about the Jewish State in Palestine remains that which Adolf Hitler had already understood-half through his knowledge of the Zionist Movement, half through his intuition of the natural enemy of Aryan mankind as such — and expressed, fourteen years before its foundation, namely that the Jews never intended to live in their independent country (which is, anyhow, far too small to contain them all) but that they just wanted “protected Head-quarters — Head-quarters with sovereign rights, free from the interference of other States — for their worldwide international organisation of deceit; a place of refuge for rogues who have been detected, and a high-school for rogues in the making....2 In other words Palestine may well be the mystical — and practical — centre of world-Jewry, but the Jewish danger has no “centre.” It is everywhere, and all the more difficult to fight that most people either refuse to see it or reject as “inhuman” the only methods through which it could be neutralised.

One need not read the famous “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” or the more modern speech which Rabbi Emanuel Rabinovitch delivered in Budapest, on the 12th of January, 1952 before the “Emergency Council of European Rabbi,”3 in order to be convinced of the double, world-wide effort of the Jews,

1 See above, p. 413.
2 “Mein Kampf” (edit. 1939), p. 356.
3 Published through the care of Einar Aberg, Norrviken, Sweden.


on one hand, to lower the biological level of all non-Jewish races, specially of the Aryan, and, on the other, to work themselves into all key-positions in the economical, political, cultural and spiritual life of all leading nations. It is, on the contrary, the obvious reality of that double effort — the presence of the international Jew (or of organisations entirely under his control) behind all “spiritual,” “cultural” or political movements or thought-currents that allow, encourage, or logically lead to the mixture of races; behind all or practically all “literary,” “artistic” commercial or “medical” concerns, the aim of which is to encourage sexual perversity and any manner of vice, to provide silly amusements or to forward the love of empty speculation, in one word, to lower the physical, intellectual and moral level of the individual; and, along with that, the ever-increasing number (and influence) of Jews (or of men completely under Jewish control) in world-finance, world-industry and world-politics; — it is the fact that, whoever shows that he or she is fully aware of that effort and fully prepared to fight against it, “gets nowhere”; the glaring fact that nothing indeed happens in this ugly post-1945 world without the Jews’ order or permission, which strengthens, at least in us, the conviction that both the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” and the recent Rabinovitch speech, and the like of them, are genuine documents. As genuine as the much older Bible and Talmud that also proclaim the Jews “God’s Chosen people.”

There resides, perhaps, the whole meaning of the rise and temporary victory and world-wide rule of the Jews as a “sign of times”; it is based upon a lie; it is lasting through a lie; it is the most logical feature of the advanced Dark Age, which is, more and more, the Age of lies.

The truth is that there is no other “God” but the immanent, impersonal divinity of Nature — of Life; the universal Self. No tribal god is “God.” Tribal gods are more or less divine, to the extent they embody and express a more or less divine collective soul. Jahveh, the tribal god of the Jews, is as little divine, as negative as they themselves — they, the typically negative human element of our Time-cycle. Through a series of lies, the Jews have been for the last three thousand and specially for the last two thousand four hundred years, leading an increasingly intensified campaign for the reversal of the eternal, natural values — i.e., an anti-truth campaign — in view


of their own exaltation. They have, through the mouth of their prophets and “philosophers” proclaimed Jahveh “God of all men”; they have, then, concealed as many as they could of his nasty characteristics through a clever exploitation of the Christ myth by Paul of Tarsus and other Jews, half-Jews1 and judaised Greeks; they have, through the same, stressed anew the old, very old denial of the unity of the Realm of Life and proclaimed “all men” different in nature from the rest of creatures-and therefore above the general laws of Life — in order to buttress the false teaching that “one blood”2 flows in the veins of “all nations,” and to kill the idea (and the instinct) of a natural, God-ordained racial hierarchy. They have preached meekness and forgiveness and pacifism (to all, save to their own people) in order to rob the young, warlike Aryan race of its stamina; in order to kill its healthy pride. They are, now more feverishly than ever, encouraging its adolescents to make fun of “Nazi prejudices,” to despise purity of blood, and to marry outside their race (if thus be the impulse of “individual love”) — so that the race may disappear; encouraging them into perdition, both through the old superstition of “man” under its various modern forms, and through the whole atmosphere of subtle corruption in which the post-1945 world is literally soaking.

They must win — and they shall win — for the time being. Otherwise, it would not yet be the End. They must — and shall — see their dream — their immemorial dream of easy domination over a peaceable, “happy” hotch-potch of bastardised millions and ever more millions, that their long-drawn disintegrating action has rendered even more contemptible than they — at a hair’s breadth from its complete materialisation. Otherwise, the measure of iniquity — the measure of untruth — would not be full. And it would not yet be time for “Kalki” — the Avenger — to come.

* * *

I am not qualified to venture precise and specially political forecasts. This whole book has, moreover, little to do with that which people ordinarily mean by “politics.” It is history,

1 Timothy, the faithful follower of Paul of Tarsus, was a half-Jew.
2 See the “Acts of the Apostles,” Chapter 17, verse 26.


no doubt, and therefore also “politics”; but politics considered from a cosmic angle, from which current events and the men who stand behind them appear in an unusual light.

Those who are daily and directly in touch with the social, economical and military realities which are, already, moulding the immediate future, can say nothing about that future, for they know nothing. And I know even less than they do about precise events, i.e., about the details of the road the world is taking. But I know the road. I know it, because that knowledge is not the concern of politicians, sociologists, economists or military experts but precisely that of people who look at history, past and present, and who live the history of our times; from the cosmic standpoint. There is nothing in the way of documents, very little in the way of statistics, to “prove” the soundness of what I say. Times to come will confirm it or not confirm it. All I can state now, in favour of my point, is that it tallies with all the forms of the one, unwritten Tradition which I happen to know. It is orthodox in the light of Tradition — orthodox as far as an interpretation can be.

Tradition has not given us the date of the last return of Him Who comes back. Nor has it given us the means of calculating it. Tradition is neither history nor astrology. Yet, according to the signs I have mentioned, the last embodiment of the Forces “against Time” in our Time-cycle — Kalki — must appear soon. He will come when all will seem irretrievably lost: when nothing will be left of the real Chosen Race — the natural Aryan aristocracy — but a silent, unnoticed, yet conscious, unwavering and active handful of men and women of the type of those I have described at the end of the last chapter of this book. Now, everything does actually seem lost without hope. As Rabbi Emanuel Rabinovitch declared in 1952, “the goal towards which the Jews have been striving for over three thousand years” — namely, peaceful domination over a “happy,” bastardised earth, in which the “most dangerous enemy” — the polar opposite — of Jewry, i.e., the Aryan, will, (in the Rabbi’s own words) be “nothing more than a memory” — “is within hand’s reach.” And the few men who are already more than men, — the toughest votaries of the perennial Faith of Light and Life in its most recent form, — are waiting; waiting to recognise their own beloved Leader, Adolf Hitler, in the irresistible apocalyptic Warrior Who is to avenge him and his people — their


comrades and themselves. The divine Warrior is bound to come soon.

It is impossible to say “where” He will appear. Since the far-gone days of the fall of man, all those who have been awaiting Him have looked upon Him as an exponent of their particular faith and as one of their people. The Jews themselves who have the strongest grounds of all to dread Him, — have taken over the immemorial myth announcing His advent and distorted it — reversed it, in the manner they reverse all truth, — into the dogma of a Jewish Messiah, to suit their purpose. The Jewish and judaised founders of Christianity — Paul of Tarsus and the others — have built up, round the mysterious person of Jesus (whose real origin is unknown) a whole pernicious — man-centred, anti-racialist, anti-natural — philosophy, in which they blended together, with astounding skill, Jewish Messianism and the old cosmic myth of the God Who dies and rises from the dead. They did so in order to give the Jews the negative element par excellence, the seeming of a positive mission of salvation, i.e., in order to make the negative values appear as positive, and the positive ones as negative — the genuine sons of the “Father of lies,” which indeed they are! For, whatever be the nation destined to bear Him, one thing is certain: Kalki will not, directly or indirectly, draw His origin from the Jewish people. None of the inspired men of action “against Time” ever did. The last One is also not to. Moreover, He will not be born among any of the older races which have had their centuries of beauty and of glory in the Ages that lie irretrievably behind us and that are now (in spite of apparent revivals — false nationalisms; bad copies of those of the Aryan nations) in definite, wholesale decay.

According to the laws of development in Time which are those of the logic of history, Kalki, the Avenger, the final Redeemer, can only belong to the youngest race of our Time-cycle: the Aryan. For it is the youngest and most dynamic race of any Time-cycle which provides “the bridge” into the following one: the chosen Vanguard who will have the enviable privilege of living in both Time-cycles; who will fight the last battle of the Forces of Life in the doomed world and experience amidst the perfection of the new-born (or, rather, I regenerated) one, that glorious Golden Age state of existence — Godhead in flesh and blood, — which we fail to conceive even


in our loftiest dreams, to-day, in the Age of Gloom. Out of the youngest and most dynamic race of any Time-cycle come, if not all, at least the greatest number of its latest heroes “against Time” (i.e., those of its very last sixty or seventy centuries). It is at any rate remarkable that all the human “avatars” or earthly Incarnations of Vishnu mentioned in Hindu Tradition — five, out of the nine that belong to the past — are looked upon as “Brahmins” or “Kshattriyas,” i.e., Aryans. It is within the logic of Tradition that the “tenth” and last — Kalki — should also be born as a member of the privileged race.

Will He be none other than He whom I have described as the One-before-the-last Man “against Time” — Adolf Hitler — returning with more-than-human power? There is no reason why this should not be, provided the inspired Leader still be alive, and provided the world becomes, within his life-time, ripe for the great End (which would in no way be a wonder, at the rate decay has set in everywhere, after 1945). The terrible experience of defeat through treason, and the sight of the systematic degradation of his people through far subtler and deadlier means than the ridiculous “de-nazification” rules and regulations, would probably be enough to rouse the Führer’s “Lightning” qualities until they balance in him the “Sun” ones and make him a new man, — infinitely more merciless than he was in his first career.

But even if it be not so; — even if Adolf Hitler really be dead in the flesh, as an increasing number of his faithful ones believe, — still one is, considering things in their essence, justified in saying that “Kalki” will be he, come back. For “Kalki” will be all Men “against Time,” come back. He will be the exponent of all that for which everyone of them fought in vain against the ever more powerful current of decay — the very current of history; — the exponent of that eternal cosmic Order, the earthly projection of which is the “reign of righteousness” mentioned in the Bhagavad-Gita. He will be both He Who spoke to the Aryan warrior, Arjuna, — and to all Aryan warriors — on the Kurukshettra Field, and He Who spoke to the German people — and to every racially — conscious individual Aryan of the world — from Hofbräufestsaal, from Luitpold Arena, and from the German Reichstag. For the two are the same One: the One Who came back, and Who will come back again.


And “Kalki” will be nearer to and more intimately connected with the latest great Man “against Time,” Adolf Hitler, than with any of the many former ones. For He — the last One — is, as I said in the beginning of this study, none other than the One of Whom the Führer spoke when, with that unfailing cosmic intuition that raises him so high above the cleverest of Dark Age politicians, he told Hans Grimm, in 1928: “I know that Somebody must come forth and meet our situation. I have sought him. I have found him nowhere; and therefore I have taken upon myself to do the preparatory work, only the most urgent preparatory work. For that much I know: I am not He. And I know also what is lacking in me.”1

He is that One. And He will, in the midst of the most hopeless circumstances, continue the old, — the perennial — Struggle against the downward stream of Time — the Struggle which the disaster of 1945 has apparently, but only apparently, interrupted — and bring it to a victorious end for a few myriads of years; make Adolf Hitler’s dream, through means that were yet unthinkable during (or before) the Second World war, a glaring reality for a few myriads of years.

The means cannot be foretold, for things will have changed, by then. Things are changing — and the science of war, progressing, — every day. One point is, however, as a main feature of every recurring “great End,” beyond doubt: “Kalki” will act with unprecedented ruthlessness. Contrarily to Adolf Hitler, He will spare not a single one of the enemies of the divine Cause: not a single one of its outspoken opponents but also not a single one of the luke-warm, of the opportunists, of the ideologically heretical, of the racially bastardised, of the unhealthy, of the hesitating, of the all-too-human; not a single one of those who, in body or in character or mind, bear the stamp of the fallen Ages.

* * *

As I said before, His compagnons at arms will be the last National Socialists; the men of iron who will have victoriously stood the test of persecution and, what is more, the test of complete isolation in the midst of a dreary, indifferent world,

1 Quoted by Hams Grimm in his last book “Warum? Woher? aber Wohin?” p. 14.


in which they have no place; who are facing that world and defying it through every gesture, every hint, — every silence — of theirs and, more and more (in the case of the younger ones,) without even the personal memory of Adolf Hitler’s great days to sustain them; those I have called “gods on earth” and parents of such ones. They are the ones who will, one day, make good for all that which men “against Time” have suffered in the course of history, like they themselves, for the sake of eternal truth: the avenging Comrades whom the Five Thousand of Verden1 called in vain within their hearts at the minute of death, upon the bank of the Aller River, red with blood; those whom the millions of 1945 — the dying; the tortured; and the desperate survivors — called in vain; those whom all the vanquished fighters “against Time” called in vain, in every phase of the great cosmic Struggle without beginning, against the Forces of disintegration, co-eternal with the Forces of Life.

They are the bridge to supermanhood, of which Nietzsche has spoken; the “last Battalion” in which Adolf Hitler has put his confidence.

Kalki will lead them, through the flames of the great End, into the sunshine of the new Golden Age.

And it will all begin again: the succession of Ages, in the same unchanging order, submitted to the same unchanging Laws; the unavoidable reappearing of that decay; the seed of which is contained in any and every manifestation in Time; the Struggle “against Time” and, finally, the rush to the abyss, — in spite of it; — for the millionth and ten millionth time. And a new great End, and a new radiant Beginning, and a new Time-cycle — again and again and again. There is no definitive End.

* * *

We like to hope that the memory of the One-before-the-last and most heroic of all our Men “against Time” — Adolf Hitler — will survive, at least in songs and symbols, in that long Age of earthly Perfection which “Kalki,” the last One, is to open. We like to hope that the Lords of the new Time-cycle, men of his own blood and faith, will render him divine honours,

1 The five thousand German Chiefs, beheaded on the same day in 787 A.D. by order and in the presence of Charlemagne (and of a number of dignitaries of the Christian Church).


through rites full of meaning and full of potency, in the cool shade of the endless re-grown forests, on the beaches, or upon inviolate mountain-peaks, facing the rising Sun.

But even if it be not so, still he will, like all his divine predecessors, live, throughout the ages in the faithful consciousness of the Universe, the life-rhythm of which he symbolises. Still the long and more and more intense and finally almost desperate aspiration “against Time,” which characterises every recurring Time-cycle as soon as decay has set in obviously enough to be felt, will be, every time, a new expression of that self-same yearning after manifested Perfection for the sake of which he fought and lost; a new, long-drawn cosmic outcry, proclaiming that he was right in spite of all. And still every further Golden Age to come — every successive Dawn of Creation — will be the living materialisation of his highest dream; a further hymn of glory, proclaiming, every time for myriads of years, that he — He — has once more won.

Ended in Hanover, on the Spring Equinox, 21st of March, 1956