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Letters to Matt Koehl

Part 4

Edited by R.G. Fowler

In this fourth installment of selected letters from Savitri Devi to Matt Koehl, we find valuable clarification of Savitri Devi's attitude toward the crude occultist mystery-mongering with which she has been associated. The advertisement of The Lightning and the Sun to which Savitri refers below reads as follows:

THE HITLER CULT REVEALED. Discovered alive in India: Hitler's guru! For serious students of the occult: You can now purchase the complete set of tape cassette recorded, live interviews with Hitler guru Savitri Devi at her home in India. Hear in her own words the narration of a prophetic pilgrimage along the edge of the cosmic abyss. Watch the clouds of evil scatter under the lightning of Cosmic Justice and the sun of Cosmic Truth.

Read her shocking and most recently published manuscript, "The Lightning and the Sun," which exposes the tangled roots of Nazism for all to see. Discover through her the secret Nazi pyramid connection with Pharaoh Akhnaton and the ancient cult of the sun. Learn the real significance of Genghis Khan's evil role in history, his incredible significance in the present. Discover the hidden springs of Hitler's manic will to power, his mystical bond with the dark forces of time and destiny. Pursue the outlines of evil in its awesome cosmic context.

Decipher now the encoded workings of the Nazi mind. Perceive how Hitler saw the workings of the universe through: Human sacrifice. Vegetarianism. Aryanism. The cyclic view of history. The children of violence. The will to survive and to conquer. The seat of truth. Gods on earth. Kalki, the avenger.

Were ancient sanskrit laws of the universe compiled in the Bhagavad Gita the secret source of Nazi strength? The amazing answers to these riddles are now at hand. Read them in "The Lightning and the Sun," Hitler guru Savitri Devi's huge, illustrated 448 page illumination of occult Nazi wisdom and prophecy.

We wish to thank Matt Koehl of the NEW ORDER for preserving these letters, photocopying them for the Archive, and giving us permission to publish them.

—R. G. Fowler

Alix, par Lozanne
24 May 1982

Dearest Comrade Matt Koehl,

I do hope that, now, my two letters in answer to your magnificent article “Hitlerism, the Faith of the Future,” have reached you. I read and re-read your article several times and always with an immense feeling of elation. All absorbed by your insight into a future which we all dream of to be as glorious as you foretell, I just forgot to thank Robert Günter for this sober and convincing—up to the mark—review of the second edition of my The Lightning and the Sun, printed yevious quarterly of the WUNS for enclosing the same.

I thank the WUNS and comrade Günter all the more, since, a day or two ago, I received (with no explanatory letter enclosed) a typed paper advertising, along with many interesting books published by Samisdat, my own The Lightning and the Sun.

What a difference between Günter’s account and this perhaps well-meaning (from a purely profit point of view) but otherwise utterly idiotic thirty odd lines of advertisement in the paper I received lately and sent to my French friend Miss H— (half German and “ganz in Ordnung”) in New Delhi so that she might write to Zündel, less bitterly, less angrily, but far more efficiently than I ever could, and “tell him off,” for allowing such swill, such “tommyrot,” to appear in a paper printed by his firm. The very title of the stuff is calculated to excite the curiosity of half-learned fools (the majority of two-legged mammals of any race including ours, unfortunately): “Hitler Cult Discovered in India—Shocking exposé of the tangled roots of Nazism, for every one to see: Hitler’s Guru”!!

Then comes an abominable hotch-potch of misquoted or utterly distorted sentences of mine, for example this “pyramid”?! connection of Nazism through “Pharaoh Akhnaton and the ancient cult of the Sun”—or this enumeration of the basic tenets of Nazism: “human sacrifice (!!!), vegetarianism, Aryanism.” And last but not least: “Read Hitler Guru Savitri Devi’s 448 page illumination of the occult (!) wisdom of National Socialism . . .”

Fancy that sacrilegious joke for the sake of cheap publicity: calling me (16½ years younger than He, and just one of the most insignificant among his rank and file disciples) our Führer’s “Guru”! A Guru is in Sanskrit a spiritual master. I never was and never can be anybody’s “Guru”! A Guru must be a self-realized person, i.e., not only knowing intellectually, but conscious of the identity of his or her innermost being with the Supreme Soul—Param Atma—or Soul of the Universe with all its galaxies without end or beginning. Adolf Hitler’s only “Gurus” could be—the Gods themselves—the Cosmic Forces.
Could you please, dearest Commander, first ask Samisdat Publishers [address omitted] to send you a copy of that advertisement of many books (Nazi secret weapons, flying saucers, and what not) and of mine. Then tell Zündel, after examining it yourself, the utter insanity of the advertisement concerning The Lighting and the Sun. (Pyramid Connection!!! In Akhnaton’s time [fourteenth century B.C.] the Pyramids of Giza, let alone the elder “stepped” ones of former dynasties—were older than the Roman ruins of Europe are today. That Akhnaton wished to restore the purity of the old worship of Ra, the Sun’s name in pyramid building times, that is another thing altogether. As for “human sacrifice,” it has nothing to do either with Pharaoh Akhnaton or with us.)

The idiot who wrote those thirty odd lines of publicity to rouse the average fool’s love of “mystery” and “the occult” has made me, unfortunately, appear ridiculous. I can’t accept such a treatment, not for Samisdat to sell my book for fifteen dollars, and not if it were 1,500! Please tell Zündel. I don’t want to lose my balance and quarrel with comrades.

What do you think of my proposal (in my letter)? Do you think it could be profitable?

I have a French passport and a Greek one both in my maiden name: Maximine Portas.

Later on I shall have to forsake them, for I can only go back to India with an Indian passport as I am over 75 (77 soon).

More next time. Please write soon for on 22 June 1982 I’ll be spending a few days away from here at friends’.

With the Best of all greetings,
Heil Hitler!
Savitri Dêvi Mukherji

[P.S.] Could you please give me Opal Soltau’s address? I’d like to write to her.

Thank you
Heil Hitler!