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Letters to Matt Koehl

Part 12

Edited by R.G. Fowler


We wish to thank Matt Koehl of the NEW ORDER for preserving these letters, photocopying them for the Archive, and giving us permission to publish them.

—R. G. Fowler

New Delhi
2 August 1979

Dearest Commander Matt Koehl,

This is to thank you most heartily for sending me White Power and the N.S. Bulletin so regularly, although you know I am living too poorly to be able to subscribe to these—and other!—papers. Every White Power is to me a gust of fresh air.

I especially enjoyed your leading article in White Power no. 92. Yes, our “enemies” are ourselves. And I believe we should all ask ourselves the question: “Am I doing all that is possible to distance myself from whatever is, all around me, but shares in the Money Power?” You speak in your article of the effects of brain-washing through mass media that so many people look upon as “indispensable” in our modern age. Let me tell you for one that I never had either a radio or a TV set or a stereo or any such appliances. Not even records—for I am not particularly musical.

Among the fifteen families which occupied the five storey building in which I was brought up in Lyon, France, my parents were the only people who had no radio. Radios were the grand novelty in those days—the 20s. But it just did not interest any of us three—my father, my mother, or myself (I was the only child).

The only time in my life I listened to a radio was in Calcutta during the 1939-1945 war. Mr. Mukherji and I had also no radio. But we would go upstairs to our landlord’s—Mr. Sarvashikari—who had one, and listen—to the Führer’s speeches. Although it was forbidden in British India to listen to the German radio. But we did. And many other did also—even people who did not understand German, just for the pleasure of hearing the Leader’s voice (the Leader whom his Hindu admirers held to be an “Avatara”—a God, an incarnation of Vishnu, the Preserver of the Universe, come down to Earth for Earth’s salvation).

Once and only once—on the 22nd and 29th of March 1966, in Montbrison, France, I went out of my way to see one someone else’s TV screen (I never had any) the war between the Southwestern people of thirteenth century France, and the “French,” i.e., the people of the North of France—Albigensians against Catholics (1208-1244). The film was at once forbidden for it resulted in the separatist Southwest of France—the PNO, i.e., Occitanian National Party—seeing the number of its followers multiply by five or six million a week.

So, as you can see, I do not wish to see [the movie] Holocaust even if it does “pass” in India—it has not passed yet, anyhow.

[Omitted is a discussion of a lost order of books placed by one of Savitri’s friends in India to the NSWPP’s book service.]

Could you, as said above, send her [a friend in India] no. 92 of White Power, c/o Savitri Devi Mukherji, C 23, South Extension II, New Delhi,110049? I could have given her my copy, but my cats have damaged a page or two of it with their claws. (They are little tigers. But I love them. They are so beautiful!)

I am afraid that things have to grow much worse in the USA before the man in the street—the average American Aryan, who is as much of a two-legged mammal as the average European—will cry out in misery and terror: Hitler was right! Wish we Americans had helped HIM, instead of fighting on his enemies’ side!” Like all men, the Americans will have to suffer in order to learn. And the worse the better, and the quicker. They should suffer till they all curse Roosevelt and Bernard Baruch and the B’nai B’rith, and whatever ideologies or beliefs in the name of which they were induced to support the, in WW II (and send Russian millions of tons of arms and ammunition, thousands and thousands of tanks via Murmansk.) Don’t I remember it!!

You also speak of drugs, and tobacco, and what not as superfluous things in your article. It is not to boast, but just to show that all these are not necessary—anything but—that I tell you that personally I never “tried” and of these things that seem to attract so many people. I was offered a cigarette when only fifteen and refused it. “It will make me cough,” I said. “Oh yes, but afterwards, when you get used to it, it will be nice.” I said, “I am damned if I ever go through any sort of inconvenience—specially an irreversible one—for the sake of an hypothetical ‘pleasure’—the ‘pleasure’ can go to hell!”

On the very same grounds, I refused from the start not only all drugs and alcohol (save an occasional mouthful of Samos or Santorini or Porto) and sex. The latter was given to people in order they should have children—not as a pastime. I was not attracted to children—would have had a few only for the sake of the race, and in that case would have taken a Nordic partner.

My husband was fair-skinned and had Aryan features, as do quite a number of Brahmins. All said, it would not have been a “mesalliance” to have a family of fair-skinned Brahmins with our ideas—as he was himself. But he himself told me that one should not start such an experience for purely ideological reasons, without ever having had the slightest attraction to babies and family life. And I believe he was right. Moreover, that out Führer himself would have told me the same, had he known me well. (What Nietzsche writes about women is true of 99% of them. But there is the 1% who is there for a different destiny—and with different aspirations.)

A few days before he died, Mr. Mukherji told me he “regretted nothing.” He often used to say that “after 1945 it is better to die than to be born.” And that he “didn’t want to be born again.”

I would not mind being born again if I were to be one of an Aryan family, kind to animals, vegetarian (as I have always been from childhood) and not opposed to me ideologically. I’d like to be sixteen again—and twenty-five, and thirty. But I must say that I would not like to be four or three—a toddler—again, or an infant. And one has to dirty one’s napkins [diapers] before one grows up and gets ideas. It is the way of all living creatures. And we are living creatures.

But my letter is getting too long. Excuse me if it has bored you. (I’m afraid it has.)

Shall send you a few books in French if you can sell them, as my contribution to the expense of sending me White Power.

I am now—slowly—writing another book: Ironies and Paradoxes of History and Legend (or something like that). But I have not gone yet beyond Chapter 1, “History and Legend,” and I am starting Chapter 2 on “The Lies of History” (a lot to say, for lies begin with old records—i.e., with Antiquity. Nothing new under the Sun.)

It will take time to write because I am now half blind (cataract) and getting old. I’d like to finish it before I die, but do not know whether I shall or not. I’ll soon be full 74, going in for 75 (born in 1905).

With all best wishes and with the two words of Faith and Power,

Heil Hitler!
Yours sincerely,

Savitri Devi Mukherji