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Letters to Matt Koehl

Part 10

Edited by R.G. Fowler


We now resume publishing selected letters from Savitri Devi to Matt Koehl with some of Savitri's earlier letters. We wish to thank Matt Koehl of the NEW ORDER for preserving these letters, photocopying them for the Archive, and giving us permission to publish them.

—R. G. Fowler

New Delhi
Postmarked 25 July 1975

Dear Comrade Matt Koehl,

Let me first thank you for sending me so regularly White Power—which I delight in—and the NS Bulletin. As a payment for this I’ll send you (when it—at last!—comes out, that does not depend upon me), as many copies of my book (written 1968-71) started printing 1972 and only half printed yet for lack of money on my part to pay the printer. It is being printed, 3,000 copies and 100 copies “deluxe,” entirely at my own cost (in French)—Souvenirs et Reflexions d’une Aryenne (Memories and Thoughts of an Aryan Woman)—as you wish.

I’d like to send you at least $10. But $10 is 80 rupees which is the salary per month a pupil gives me for one hour’s teaching weekly. And I have already two private pupils all these weeks since the school “Alliance Française” is shut (May, June, July). Begins in August, if they give me a class. I get paid only at the end of August. I am struggling to meet the expenses of printing of this book of mine, and don’t know when and how I’ll get the heap of un-printed stuff I have into a printing press.

My book, in German, Hart wie Kruppstahl [Hard as Krupp Steel—Ed.], written 1961-63; my prose poems in English, For-Ever and Ever, written 1952-53. Another book in French, Tyrtaios the Athenian, etc., etc. If I die before I can get enough money to have these published, I do hope somebody will be kind enough to do it in remembrance of me.

I had planned to sell my gold jewelry for the printing of this book. Unfortunately, on l March 1974 at 8 p.m. in a scooter carrying me (or expected to carry me) a short distance from here, I was assaulted by a man who jumped in the scooter, with the agreement of the driver, who at once pulled down the flaps, gagged me, sat on me to keep me immobile, and stripped me of all I had: twenty-seven gold bangles; a heavy gold chain (some one hundred grams); a big gold ring, twenty-two carat gold: my savings of sixty years. The police never found the criminals, as I could not tell—not knowing it, not having noticed it—the number of the scooter.

That is why it is now so difficult for me to get my book out quickly.

I loved your two issues: 20 April and a later one about the events in Vietnam—in which you so clearly show what I have tried to show all my life, namely the more the human part played by our Führer—call Him “The Prophet of a New Age,” call Him a reappearance of the One-who-comes-back, when all seems lost. As I noted in The Lightning and the Sun (I have only one copy left) the Hindus called Kalki, the last incarnation of the divine spirit in our Time Cycle—the One who will destroy utterly that rot that we are taught to call “civilization,” and open the long “Age of Truth” (Satya Yuga) or Golden Age that will begin the next time cycle. He is the only successful man (God and Man) who fights against the stream of decay.

If our Führer had been He, He would have won. He could not win because he was not He but merely His Forerunner (as all “Men against Time” are), and probably the last one. It was too late already, thirty or forty years ago, to give back steady power to the Best, and save what was still worth saving on earth. And it was too early for the coming of a new cycle: the Best had not yet suffered enough to deserve it. (They are suffering now in the post-1945 hell which is the world, wherever you might go.) And it will go from bad to worse. That is the price for choosing hell, instead of choosing Hitler.

It began with Yalta and the three slaves of Jewry: Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin—the last, the least obnoxious of the three. Our Führer had said that “if” He ever made him prisoner, He would allot him as a residence “the best castle in Germany.” What a difference with the treatment the victors would have allotted Him had they been able to!! The three, plus that giggling, permanently drunken slut, Sarah Churchill much photographed with the trio. It will end with the rule of “Big Brother” Jew himself—the “Anti-Christ,” the Christians who happen to be also Aryans will call him (and the coming of the One, they will welcome as “Christ come back”).

But names mean little. All those who (on whatever pretext) raise their hand against Adolf Hitler and His rejuvenated Germany, or allowed their governments to do so without violent, active protest, will have to go down the drain. England will contain 50,000—or perhaps 20,000 only!—real Englishmen, Aryans (Anglo-Saxons and Celts) in some 300 years to come. The rest of her 200 million inhabitants (they’ll be 200 million by then in overcrowded slums) will be the children of shame and the descendants of those half-Negro babies one sees so many of (alas!) in prams in the streets of London—and of lesser towns! I saw two sets of twins in Cheltenham in 1962. (Was not allowed to land in England since I took part in the Cotswold camp and the birth of the WUNS.) And what will the 50,000 (or 20,000) English Aryans do? Curse Mr. Churchill—and gather regularly in the private solemnity of a . . . Hitler cult!—at last—and wait for the Avenger, and praise His ways.

What is the racially conscious Aryan humanity in the USA to do now? Keep fighting against integration, of course, and against drugs and propaganda. But, before all: LAST—have racially conscious Aryan children, and never allow the thread of pure blood to break: LAST, until the coming of the One, a thousand times more ruthless than our Führer was, who will destroy this “civilization” and open the “next” time cycle with an “Age of Truth.” (As there is at the beginning of every time cycle.)

25 July 1975

I told you I enjoyed reading White Power immensely, although I should much prefer Aryan Power. “White” is an ambiguous notion. Jews are mostly White. So are, or were, all Semitic people. On that very ground, in “racialist” South Africa, Jews flourish freely (own diamond mines) while the high caste Hindu with Aryan features (and not darker than many a South European) will not be allowed citizenship. Anyhow, I suppose “White” is good an expression in the USA under menace of being overrun by a Negro majority.

By the way, I was told it was a French slave dealer that brought, and sold, the first twenty Negroes to the USA. From twenty, they are now twenty million! And the Aryan masters of the day had no scruples in having sexual intercourse with the female black slaves—shame on them. The result you can see. If there ever was a man who needed lynching, it surely was that Frenchman who started the whole procedure of corruption.

The one thing I strongly object to in your paper is your calling Negroes “animals.” I love animals—all, but especially felines. They— and they especially—are beautiful. Negroes are not. That is the first thing I have against them: their flattened noses, thick lips, tiny high-set ears, and woolly hair. I never for an hour believed in man descending from “the ape.” I’d rather think it far more likely that apes (especially of the big size) are descended from man—and the Negro, so similar to them that it seems incredible at times, could well be the intermediate stage in the process of decay. That is why there are Negro tribes that cling onto bits of genuine tradition, without the slightest knowledge, of course, of what they are accepting—theoretically.

I protest against your lumping ugly people (and so often criminal ones on top of that) with the innocent (always) and, in the case of certain species, such as the feline tribe, supremely beautiful living masterpieces of Nature. It is insulting to animals.

Now I entirely agree with that correspondent of yours (who signed “A Friend of Animals” but did not give his name) who wrote in a letter quoted in White Power some time ago that, if vivisection is not to be entirely suppressed, it should be entirely suppressed on animals of any species, and restricted to criminal two-legged mammals. (Not merely Negro, but White also.) An Aryan who works against his race is worse than a non-Aryan enemy. And one of the best things my exalted Third Reich did (in my eyes) was to replace experimentation on innocent animals by experimentation on actual or potentially dangerous people. I have from the start congratulated the German doctors of the Great Days who did so.

Personally, I never take any medicine that has been found through experimentation on animals or tried on them—and would not take any to save my life. And I never accepted any type of vaccination or inoculation. I managed to slip through up till now and am nearing seventy. (Shall be seventy on 30 September 1975.) Was vaccinated against smallpox—without my consent—when I was eight days old, and never since. And when I was born—30 September 1905—weighing 930 grams (not even two pounds) being not a seven month, but a six and a half month old premature baby, doctors said would live “a few hours at the most.” And here I am, alive and kicking, seventy years later. That’s “science” for you.

In my eyes the great problem here in India, and in the USA (and, I should say, all over the world) is the population problem. The danger the real Aryan is faced with, is being out-numbered and finally submerged by a heap of inferior specimens of the two-legged mammal, who breed like mice. The solution (again, in my eyes) is for the strong who, for some reason (hereditary illness or weakness in the family; admixture of alien blood, be it several generations back, etc., etc.) complete life-long abstinence; refusal of sex under any form (which does not necessarily mean refusal of “marriage” as an association of co-fighters for the same cause, as has been from the start my own association with a Hindu Aryan). For the masses and the weak, unable to control the organs of their body, sterilization of all but a certain quota of the inferior races and of the diseased among the ones of better stock.

Man should be and remain a minority species—but a beautiful and healthy species—in a world with endless forests and heaps of wild animals. In India, there should be not 600 million people and only a few tigers, but perhaps 100 million tigers (and other big cats) and from five to ten million people—a million or two Aryans, and the rest to help them and work for them. Making beautiful clothes, jewelry, all manner of artisan products they excel at producing. And no industrialization, for which their people are unfit. Import the few indispensable items, if any.

In the seventeenth century, France was on four fifths of her territory still covered with forests. Now? Let the forests of old Europe grow again, and none but the healthiest, the strongest, the best Aryans in Europe breed lavishly—and maintain their restricted numbers through a dangerous life (war or other means) not through that disgusting way of cheating Nature which they call “family planning.”

If our Führer’s parents, seeing that their three first children had died one after the other, had resorted to “family planning” to avoid pain and disappointment to the “poor mother,” as our sentimentalists would put it, Adolf Hitler would not have been born! It is not necessarily the elder children who become the glory of a family.

You can, if you like, publish whatever extracts of my letter you deem able to interest Aryans of the U.S.A. and attract them to the Hitler Movement.

You might find a lot of my writing “pessimistic.” And so it is, and must be. There is nothing to be “optimistic” about in this dust-bin called the modem world. But we should remain the gold and diamonds that an evil fate cast into the dust-bin, but that remain gold and diamonds. Remain, and last; wait (be it centuries) untarnished for the age in which our Führer (forerunner of the Avenger) will receive divine honors in every Aryan home, and in which the Aryan will be (and deserve to be) honored by the whole world—as he is here traditionally.

The word “Aryan” means “noble” and “master,” as well as is the name of people of our race. And its contrary “Anarya” means “ignoble” and “infamous.” The words have that sense in the Bhagavad-Gita, in the beginning of the Second Chant of which Lord Krishna thus characterizes Arjuna’s hesitation to fight, even in a just war: “What are these ‘un-Aryan’ (=ignoble) words of thine?”

Excuse this long, too long letter. But I write so seldom.

With the everlasting greeting of the faithful.
Heil Hitler!
Yours sincerely,

Savitri Dêvi Mukherji

P.S. Mr. Mukherji came here and spent a day or two. Going on 72 he is still as alert as ever. I showed him the latest issue of White Power. The two best ones about our Führer, 20 and 30 April, I lent to my landlord, Mr. Sharma, a sympathizer, and he never gave them back. Lent them to someone else and they got lost. A pity. I was treasuring them so much. He liked the paper very much.

Again, with the everlasting greeting,

Am enclosing a sketch of three of my cats now lying on my bed beside me. The fourth is in a chair further away. Admit they are better looking than the specimens the faces of which appear in White Power under the name of “animals”!!