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CHAPTER I: Man-centered Creeds p. 1

CHAPTER II: Pessimistic Pantheism p. 13

CHAPTER III: Joyous Wisdom p. 23

CHAPTER IV: Action Precedes Theory p. 35

CHAPTER V: Lights in the Night p. 47

CHAPTER VI: Diet, Dress, Amusement and Hard Work p. 65

CHAPTER VII: Ritual Slaughter of Animals p. 87

CHAPTER VIII: Knowledge and Therapy p. 95

CHAPTER IX: The Rights of Plants p. 109

CHAPTER X: Active Kindness p. 123

CHAPTER XI: Race, Economics and Kindness. The Ideal World p. 137

The web version of this book is not quite suitable for printing. Therefore, I also made it available in several other (PDF and MS Word) formats that you can easily download by clicking on either of the icons.

For the purpose of quoting: Savitri Devi, Impeachment of Man (Calcutta: Savitri Devi Mukherji, 1959)

If you would like a handsome printed version of this book for a modest price ($6.25 US + postage), you can order the third edition from the Noontide Press.

This e-book originally was made available on the Internet by the efforts of Gabriella at http://www.vaidilute.com
It is free, of course, for anyone to download and read. However, if you want to put it on your own website, please make sure to credit the Savitri Devi Archive.