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Forever and Ever

by Savitri Devi

Edited by R.G. Fowler

This is the sixth chapter of Savitri Devi’s previously unpublished book Forever and Ever.

In transcribing and editing these texts, I have translated the German epigraphs, corrected any spelling and grammatical errors, and “Americanized” and updated the spelling. I have not altered Savitri’s sometimes eccentric capitalization practices. Nor have I altered her punctuation, although I have pruned her sometimes long ellipses down to three dots each. Editorial additions appear in square brackets. Omissions and substitutions are indicated with notes. All notes are by the editor. PDF images of the typescript are available for those who wish to check my editing or bypass it altogether. Just click the title of each chapter. In the case of the present chapter, however, the PDF image will have to be released later, because our version of the chapter has been pieced together from two distinct typescripts, and we wish to wait until we can get full copies of both typescripts.

 —R. G. Fowler




(30 January)

Für was wir zu kämpfen haben, ist die Sicherung des Bestehens und der Vermehrung unserer Rasse und unseres Volkes, die Ernährung seiner Kinder und Reinhaltung des Blutes, die Freiheit und Unabhängigkeit des Vaterlandes, auf daß unser Volk zur Erfüllung der auch ihm vom Schöpfer des Universums zugewiesenen Mission heranzureifen vermag.

Mein Kampf1

Then came the Day of days, the Day of joy and power, the birthday of the reborn West; the Day when after thirteen years of superhuman struggle Thou tookest2 in Thy hand the destiny of those whom Thou so lovedest—of those whom all the Gods had willed; in our wondrous times, to be the strongest and the best.

There, like an ocean, stood the immense expectant crowd, restless and hopeful,—loving—but not yet daring to be sure; waiting to greet the long-awaited news; waiting to know that Thou hadst won; waiting to live the finest hour in the long life of struggling Germany,—the opening of the New Era, culmination of all the patient daily heroisms of recent years and of all those of yore. Minutes succeeded one another, and each one seemed an hour. Within thousands of breasts, hearts beat faster and faster as time went on. Every man held his breath. As the parched earth awaits the fecundating rain after the long ordeal of the arid season, in lands where rain-failure means death, as the world wrapped in gloom awaits the coming Dawn, so did Thy people on that day, gathered in growing thousands before the Presidential Palace of the Reich await the magic words: the announcement of Thy triumph—and of theirs.

There was a movement in the crowd, and, for a second, utter silence. And in that solemn silence rose the voice of Thy close friend and faithful fighter of the early days, first in the Land after Thyself.3 And the voice said: “Our Leader is in power!” For another second, there was silence,—a different silence; the silence of the thirsty earth communing with the heavens in the first drop of rain, as wind abates, the silence of unutterable joy verging on ecstasy. And then, out of the frenzied human ocean, one thunderous outcry burst forth all of a sudden, echoing the single voice and amplifying it a hundred thousandfold; one long-resounding elemental outcry, one endless roar of joy,—voice of Thy people; Voice of God Who within Nature’s Chosen ones abideth,—: “Our Leader is in power! We are free!” And men4 shook hands with one another; and women threw themselves in one another’s arms for joy; and tears of joy ran down their beaming faces.

Then, slowly did the enthusiastic crowd disperse in all directions, each man or woman, youth or maiden, carrying far and wide the glorious tidings of the Day: “Our Leader is now in power! Germany is risen!” And through the length and breadth of the yet mutilated Land, bells rang, and drums and martial trumpets resounded, and their music had not for centuries expressed such happiness. From every window broad flags hung, bearing the sacred Sign both of the Sun and of the Aryan Race. And along the crowded streets, under those endless rows of waving banners blood-red, black, and white, the now immortal Storm Troopers, whose constant sacrifice and bitter struggle had carried Thee to power, marched full of pride singing the immortal song.

And throughout every land recently torn away from Thy defeated Fatherland, and throughout every land in which Thy people lived, cut off from the main Realm by artificial frontiers, be it for centuries, an immense hope greeted the glorious tidings, by now broadcasted to the world: the hope that soon the brotherhood of blood would be the only link uniting all Thy people in one proud greater Reich; that soon under the impetus of Thy new living faith, all artificial boundaries would fall; that soon, in freedom, strength, and joy, Thy people would expand towards the east, towards the west, in spite of other nations’ jealous opposition, fulfilling the great destiny allotted them by Nature, whether in peace or in war.

* * *

The age-old enemies of higher mankind were aghast; for in that loud outburst of frenzied joy that echoes from new Germany throughout the world, as well as in that immense silent hope that they could not suppress, they heard the death-knell of their long-established rule and felt the first signs of the end of their ascendancy—forever. They hated Thee and dreaded Thee. And in their secret councils, they started to prepare the satanic network of lies and of bargains by which they planned to stir against Thee and Thy people the stupid fury of the great unthinking human herd of every race and tongue,—of that dull universal herd that knew Thee not and could not feel the beauty of Thy dream.

A few among the better men of the wide world beyond Thy realm, welcomed Thy rising as the Dawn which they themselves awaited. And fewer still had been awaiting it as long and as consistently as I.

As one salutes from the seashore the Sun millions of miles away, so greeted I from afar the news of that tremendous Day; so welcomed I the announcement of Thy power; so did I worship Thee within my heart, my Leader, Giver of a new pride and faith to every Aryan worthy of this race, now and forever more!

And as the echo of Thy people’s joy reached me, I thought of the stupendous dream that had been mine for ages: the dreams of real Aryan leadership throughout the world. Alone in our times couldst Thou make that great dream become a living fact. Alone a world under Thy rule could be that place of order and of beauty, that healthy Heathen world that I so long had craved5 for. And in my heart I longed to see Thy conquering spirit smash all the man-made creeds of false equality. And in my heart I longed to see Thy conquering Greater Reich extend, one day, to every shore; the brotherhood of Aryan blood abolish man-made boundaries; and Thy inspired followers—the élite of the world—rule the whole earth, forever more!

1 We must fight to secure the existence and continuation of our race and our people, the sustenance of our children and the purity of our blood, the freedom and independence of the fatherland, so that our people may mature in order to fulfill the mission assigned us by the creator of the universe” (1939 edition, p. 234)—Trans. R.G. Fowler. (The original text is emphasized throughout.)

2 Replacing “tookedst”

3 Hermann Göring.

4 Reading “man” as “men.”

5 Reading “craven” as “craved.”